the forbidden love part 1

February 24, 2012
he drew my attention when i least expected it his name is ash. i am blossom princess of the light court he is ash prince of the shadow court the court that is cold and cruel unlike the light court which is nice and bright but the light and shadow court are ancient enemies." well so this is the new queen of the light court". came a soft voice from behind me. i jumped startled by the voice. "what the"!? i turned and there he was prince ash! i couldn't think of one single thing to say my heart was beating like 100 drums. he looked at me a bit confused i could tell we were both at a loss for words. "well then". he said eventually he held out his hand " a dance my queen"? i had no choice but to accept if i didnt it would reflect badly on me. "of course". i took his hand and he led me to the dance floor and we began to dance.
to be continued....

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