The Sixth Age Part 3

February 15, 2012
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Paprika-Free Sucks

So we slowly waited for our plane to begin boarding. It was annoying, especially Chan. She kept whimpering, and crying. Chan must’ve really wanted to go home!

My mother kept telling Chan to be quiet, and that she won’t be happy for a while. I had no idea what that meant, but it didn’t sound too fun.

When we finally got on, I sat at a window seat next to Carmen. Mom and her friend sat in front of us.

I heard a slight cough, and turned around. A male flight atendant was whelling a cart around, and was asking me if I wanted anything?

“Would you like some nuts or something?” he asked. “Totally paprika free!”

I simply stared at the man. Like I cared about paprika. “”

“Hot dogs? Also paprika free!”

“Um, sure. I guess.” He handed me a hot dog in a soggy bun. “Got any condiments?”

The attendent simply glared at me. “No. It’s lunchtime, and I won’t give you anything else after.”

This guy sounded just like my mom when I was younger!

He walked away, and I secretly tossed my hot dog out the window.

We were just leaving at like 3 when I raised my hand for a snack.

Since the guy saw me, he yelled, “You had a hot dog!” The guy shouldn’t work here! Or at least not in California!

I dropped my hand, and Carmen handed me some fruit snacks. “They’re paprika free.” she teased.

I let out a laugh as I shoved the fruit snacks into my mouth.

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