The Legend of Vulkman

February 11, 2012
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His soft eyes convinced me he was not dangerous. At first glance, he appeared ferocious and wild. The moonlight shimmered off his sleek form, hinting at the great might hidden within. He should have frightened me. I should have fled in terror. But no, I was drawn, enchanted, to his gaze.

The beast tilted his head to the star-strewn sky and released a terrible, mournful cry, sending violent shivers down my spine. I gasped for air as I realized I had been holding my breath. He had me hypnotized.

My eyes transfixed on his, the beast consumed my entire will. My mind was no longer my own. I could hear his voices whispering to themselves in my head. They echoed through my thoughts in unintelligible chanting.

What sort of devilry was this? Had I been right to trust him? I was utterly powerless under the supernatural control of this beast.

I stood, still as stone, before the awesome creature, as he circled me, snarling menacingly. Then he spoke, each word piercing my heart with agonizing fire. The words were inhuman, extraterrestrial, and dripping with hatred and malice.

Yet still, I felt no fear. Instead, emotions were replaced with numbness. I felt nothing. My soul was frozen. No, my soul was missing.

He had taken it.

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DaLemon said...
Feb. 25, 2012 at 12:46 pm
Oh my!! Wonderfully written, and I love the originality of the creature. A soul stealing menace; perfect. Nice job
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