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The Replacement

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Ripples of a light blue substance forms around my ankles. The cool feeling rises and travels up my legs. Bright hues of pink and gold, line the unending skies. This is the only place I truly feel at home. Today and yesterday can come and go, and they will, but not this, this is solid, this is concrete; this will survive forever. My story is sad, my tale is long, and yet here on this beach is the only place I can start to feel. It has been many years since I have been back to this place. Many, many years, and though the years have passed, I remain the same. My hair still strikingly crow black, my eyes still violet, and my pale heart shaped face remains smooth, and without wrinkles. I have made a promise, a promise, I have vowed to keep. I have promised to write down my story, and yet every time I have had returned to this place, I have painfully put off this task. I know though, this time, I will be finally successful. I think my story starts with the age of Clones.
Chap 1.
It was early morning, most of the earth was fast asleep, and yet in the far corner of Upper Canada there was much excitement. In the quiet island of Vancouver, many energized voices could be heard. These voices were all waiting for the signal to send up the masses of congratulation fireworks. Just as these people were becoming overly restless, to their relief, they heard a loud shout of joy proclaiming the happy news.
“An heir has been born!” At once the clear dark sky was filled with a rainbow of bright colors. These exhilarating lights brought forth a great sense of happiness, and seemed as if to signal the beginning of something big. Twins were a sign of the wealth. At a time when most of the world lived under great poverty, many could only support one child. Inside the castle, two beautiful baby girls had been born. A sweet tempered infant dressed in small white cloth was left lying in a crib in the corning of the large room, while in arms of the queen laid a tiny child rapped in silks. The children were remarkably alike many would say identical, and yet already the child who was born a minute earlier was the favored one. At that moment a strong built handsome man of about thirty-five stepped away from the queen, and wisped something urgently in the ear of the only other person in the room, a big boned lady in wading. Soon his request was made clear. The twins must be separated, the prized first born, and the girl in the cradle. The maid made her way toward the crib, and soon the girl dressed in white was taken away. Only the maid and King new about the secret daughter, the rest of the kingdom, including the queen thought her to be dead.
“You must hurry; Princess Adeline Grace needs your assistance at once.” A tall lean girl opened her eyes, it was only six in the morning, and yet already it was time to begin her full time job. She hurriedly tore off her thin sheet of covers, and made her way towards her closet. It seemed her life had been like this forever, every morning the same old routine. She threw a plain long gray working dress over her slight frame and quickly fastened the laces from behind it. She then took a small plain ribbon and expertly wound her long hair into a simple braid. In her room there were no mirrors, she was told she had beautiful hair, but otherwise was quite plain. Finally, she bent down beneath her bed and pulled out a small black box. Her fingers carefully closed around a soft white silk cloth. As she lifted it up to her face she opened up the small gold clasp, this was her one protection from mockery. A small delicate mask something that shielded her features from the dangerous outside world. As usual she was ready in only a couple of minutes. Her long cool fingers closed around the handle on the door to her chamber. She passed gracefully along the corridors, hardly making a sound. Soon she approached a stately brown door, she knocked once, and almost immediately the big entrance swung back to reveal a lavish apartment. Inside was already busy and bustling with attendants, all of them women who were about the same age and height. Each one of them had a separate job but were all circling around a beautiful girl lying on a cream sofa in the center of the room. The girl on the sofa perked up right when she saw the masked lady enter the room. And in no time at all the room was completely silent.

“You are exactly a minute and a half late, and there is absolutely no excuse for it! I called you five minutes ago, surly that is enough time for a girl like you to get ready!”stated a sing song voice coming from the beautiful maiden.

“I’m sorry Lady Adeline… I will be ready sooner tomorrow.” replied the girl at the door.

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