New World: Komodo

January 15, 2012
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“I’ve found it,” said a voice. Then another voice said, “Alright, now what do we do?” Then the other voice said,” Hold on, I first need to see if it even works!” “Okay,” said the second voice and right as soon as those words came out, the first voice said, “It works, so now let’s see what it says about how all of this came to be!”

Then the two people pressed the button and a document came up. The document had a label that said 2011 Documentary. Then the computer started talking about what the document was about. It said,
“This year was just the beginning of the end for the human race, which also marked the actual beginning of the expontial growth of on one of my favorite animals and soon my biggest obstacle, the Komodo dragon.” “For years before 2011, I have done research on the Komodo dragon.” “Eventually I thought that I knew enough about the Komodo dragon and so I started to do experiments on them.” “They were already growing bigger and getting stronger, yet I still wanted to experiment on them to make them even better.”

“It wasn’t until another seven to ten years later (Right at 2011), that I thought that I had made a perfect set specimen out of the Komodo dragons, and I was right.” “They were indeed a perfect set of specimens, and in fact they were a little to perfect.” “After a while of constant maintenance, I thought that I had figured them out, but then they became enraged and escaped from their holding cell.” “After the escape, the perfect specimens went into hiding for a few years.”

“While the specimens were in hiding, they started to reproduce at a rapid rate.” “Right around the year 2015, the perfect specimens reappeared.” “For about two years, I was trying to come up with some way reverse what I had done, and I did.” "I never could find the specimen after I made the thing to make everything right.”

“My alarm is going off, there is an intruder.” “I need to leave now, or I'm a goner…. (Door busts down and came the perfect specimens) then (a gun fires three times and then... a yell went off.) A few seconds latter after all of commotion, a loud snap went off and then sounds of chewing and ripping flesh started to take place.

"So the things that are terrorizing us now, are super Komodo dragons," asked the first voice. Then the second voice said, "I guess so." The first person then slammed her hands down; hit a button that activated a special program. This special program told them the serum that would make everything right.

Two hours later the serum had been made, and right at that time the two people started to hear a lot of commotion. They figured that the sound was the komodos, so then they started to speed up the process. Two minutes later, everything was ready. Now they are just waiting for the right time to strike.

The two people then thought maybe it would be best to split up so that they could cover more ground (one went left and the other went right.). A little after they had split up, the one that went left heard a loud yell and so she ran over to where the yell came from. Come to find out, it was her friend that yelled. Right then she decided that since he was dying, she will stay and die with him,

Those two people may have died, but a little after their deaths some other people that were left found the exact some place and made the serum. Then the people gave the serum to the komodo's and thought that it was all normal and over with. They weren't for sure and that may eventually cost them their lives.

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