Candy Land

February 1, 2012
By MLong531 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
MLong531 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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There once was a little girl named Morgan. It was sunny day in May in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and she was as excited as ever. It was her birthday and she had just turned six. And all she wanted this year was a brand new bike. That is exactly what she got and she couldn’t wait to ride it. She asked her mom if she could ride her new bike around the neighborhood. At first her mother said “no” but Morgan begged her mother saying “please, please! I promise I will be back by dinner time.” Her mother finally agreed and let her go “as long as your back by dinner,” but it was too late Morgan was already out the door and jumping on her bike.
As she took off on her new bike she peddled all around the neighborhood excited as ever. As she rode through the neighborhood she decided she wanted to take a break. She came upon a huge tree and chose that as her resting place. She got off her bike, and as she was standing there she noticed there was big hole in the base of the tree. She was curious as to what it was and looked into the hole, but couldn’t see anything because it was too dark. So she looked deeper into the hole and the next thing she knew she was falling in. She tumbled down to the bottom of the tree and passed out.
When she woke up she did not know where she was. She looked all around and she saw she was in some beautiful land. When she looked closely at the things that surrounded her she noticed that everything was made of candy! The grass was made of candy, the trees were made out of candy, the flowers were made out of candy, and even the leaves were candy.
She walked toward the tree and picked a leaf off and popped it into her mouth. The flavor of mint chocolate enveloped her mouth with tastiness. She took some of the bark off the tree and ate that and it tasted like milk chocolate. She started to eat and eat everything around her.
She walked around a little more where she found a house and decided to go in. She was surprised it was also made out of candy because she had never seen anything like this. As she walked up to the door she noticed the door knob and saw it was a gumdrop. She was so tempted by it because this was her favorite candy. She could not resist having a taste of the gumdrop and the next thing she knew she ate the whole thing off the door. When she ate this she had a sudden urge to eat everything in her sight.
She started to eat the door off its hinges, and then saw a chair out of her peripheral view that looked tasty. She walked over and snapped off one of the chair’s legs and chomped it down. She saw a pile of dishes and ate those as well. She ate and ate and ate until she grew so full that she could not eat another bite.
After she was full she decided it was time to go home, but when she tried to climb into the tree she realized that she was too big to fit back through the hole. When she realized she might never get back to her mom she cried and cried until she fell to asleep.
When she finally woke up she noticed that she was small again. She took one last look at this faraway place and climbed as fast as she could up the tree. When she got back up the tree, she climbed back on her bike and peddled as fast as she could all the way home.
When she got home she jumped off her bike and ran into the house. She hugged her mother as tight as she could never wanting to let go. She heard her mother say, “You’re just in time I was worried I would have to start calling for you to come home!” Morgan told her mom, “Oh momma, it was terrifying I fell into this hole in a tree and found myself in a land full of candy! I ate so much that I got really fat and couldn’t fit back through the hole and I was scared I would be stuck there forever!” Her mom looked at her with a smile and Morgan told her “momma I promise, I promise I will never eat that much candy ever again!”

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