The Mission

January 8, 2012
By greekgeek BRONZE, TULSA, Oklahoma
greekgeek BRONZE, TULSA, Oklahoma
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Sweat coated my face as I sprinted down the dark hall way. My blaster holstered to my side. I heard voices ahead of me. I paused, and strained my ears to make out what they were saying. My heart almost stopped. I could feel the blood leaving my face. She was close. Very close. Now all I had to do was finder. The amoziacs guarding her might prove to be a problem, but I was confident in my ability to over take them. After all, the rank of captain wasn't given to just any one. I drew my blaster, rounded the corner and fired. 2 down. I made a quick right towards where I know knew she was imprisoned. My heart threatened to explode from my chest. I had been on over 30 missions, and in all of them the mission had been achieved, but never before had I been so close to death. I knew that if one person saw me, I would die, and my mission would fail. Then they were on me. Seven monsters of aliens attacking at once. My knife flew to my hand. Instantly three of them were down, but they were too strong. Head low I allowed myself to be shackled and led down the long corridor. They roughly shoved me into a room. As they turned around and left, I couldn't help but grin. I took the key that my ally had slipped in my pocket during the fight, unlocked my hand cuffs, and set to work. First I confirmed that she was indeed next door to me. I warned her to back away from the door. I will never cease to be amazed by plastic explosives. I stepped through the newly made hole, and took her into my arms. "It's okay baby. Daddy has you."

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