The Warrior

December 16, 2011
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The warrior was as tall as a tree, mean, rude, and ugly. He didn’t really have any friends. He was running through the pitch black forest one late night. Every footstep he took; mud splatted up & got everywhere. He was hearing wolfs howling, the forest was never completely quiet. There was always some type of noise that you could hear. He saw that a lot of his fallen enemies gathering around him. Trolls, Goblins, The dead… Everything... It was kind of starting to creep him out after a while, but he just put that thought in the back of his head & kept on walking. Splat, Splash, Splat the sound of him walking through the nasty gooey mud. As he went through the forest, he kept his weapons in his hands the whole time, & would not let go of them for nothing. He had guns, knives, swords, & so much more. Everywhere he turned; He heard more & more noises. Finally; he found the monster that was making all the noise. The monster was big, tall, nasty looking, weird, loud, & smelly. He started growling & getting mad to see the warrior standing there. He knew why he was there…. To try & kill him… That’s defiantly the worst thing that could happen to him because he didn’t want to die. Yeah he put up a big fight… But at the end… He finally gave up & let the warrior kill him. And after that night, there wasn’t as much noise in that forest & all of the animals & everything else that lived in there; could finally sleep in peace.

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