The Wizard and The Mermaid

December 23, 2011
By Zoastria SILVER, Clayton DE, Delaware
Zoastria SILVER, Clayton DE, Delaware
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You see, the wizard fell in love with the beautiful mermaid. But how was it their love would last? A fairing wizarding man could never be with a sea living woman. The majestic mermaid was all the lonely wizard could think about. The wizard knew that without the mermaid in his life he could never go on. Oh how the wizard sat on his perch day after day contemplating a way to be with his true love. For how can you keep two lovers apart who are destined to be together? It was not only the wizard who was being tortured, but the mermaid too. She had finally found someone who made her feel like stars were shooting out of her whenever he was around. But what is a helpless mermaid to do when she can’t go upon the land and her lover cannot survive in the sea? The wizard stayed awake countless nights concocting a spell to release his mermaid from the sea and transform her to a mortal human. Night after night, mixture after mixture, the wizard grew crazy with rage. How could the world be so cruel? Let fate bring him to his other half, but not let them live a full life as one? One stormy night the wizard went to see the mermaid; oh how her eyes lit up once she saw him. Conversation went on about the spell. They want nothing but to be with each other. But why can’t a wizarding man create a spell to turn a mermaid into a human? Mer-people have changed before, he pondered to himself. If he could only figure out the missing piece to transform his mermaid. A few days passed and the mermaid hadn’t heard from her wondrous wizard when all of a sudden he appears, smiling, he assures her he figured it out and to meet him under the moon at the witching hour. The mermaid is overwhelmed with excitement. Finally, they can hold each other; feel each other’s heart beats. The wizard vanishes and quickly starts the magic potion. It’s almost time to meet her and the wizard is finishing up the last bits. His mermaid is so overjoyed waiting under the moonlight like her wizard had told her too. As the witching hour comes around, the wizard is nowhere to be found. The mermaid is worried, wondering, helpless, hurt. As time goes on the wizard never shows. You see the wizard had finished his potion, but fate had taken a deadly turn. The wizard was never supposed to meet the mermaid. It was not fate that brought them together, it was chance. Fate was angry how chance brought them together and wanted nothing more than to keep them apart. Fate had put a spell on the wizard so he wouldn’t be able to change his mermaid, but the mermaids love for the wizard broke the spell and he instantly knew how to get his lover. Fate didn’t like that at all. Fate didn’t like how chance stepped in and changed things. So fate had to step in and change things as well. Fate struck the wizard dead as soon as he finished his dear potion. The mermaid was furious. She knew something was wrong. She was so in love with this wizard she could feel his presence was gone. Her heart grew cold. Her heart grew empty. Her body lay dead on the sea. The mermaid’s heart had shattered in her chest. Her heart could no longer beat knowing her other half was gone. You see, the wizard fell in love with the beautiful mermaid. But how was it their love would last?

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