Man's Stand: Warning Signs

December 23, 2011
By Kommisar_Kevin BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Kommisar_Kevin BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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"to retreat is folly, advance and prove yourself worthy of your thrones." myself
"betrayed, in debt, crushed we rise as a phoenix to rule all of New Eden!" 1st BoB Fleet Admiral

It has been nearly thirty years since the Great war started, and now we're back to our origins, our only planet left from our glorious empire that once spanned galaxies. Originally Humanity populated over half a million worlds, all finding vining for power, causing constant strife between the systems. Fortune would have it though that I would be based as a station commander in the slum system of Cadia. Which is where the first encounter with the Great Enemy occurred, but unknown to all of us, for we of the SSS( System Station Security) Force thought that loss of contact with Cadia VII was just an equipment malfunction, oh how I wish I had been more alert, but then again when civilization travels across several Galaxies and finds no sentient life forms other than basic life forms, one tends to think that we are alone.

L: Cadia System Station: Unyielding Fortress

T: Universal time: 2300

O: Station Commander: Lt. Suvorov

Event: untagged derelict vessel, recovery mission

"Ready, 3..2..1, GO! Search those corners, and check the service tunnels we don't want any more surprises!" I ordered into the SCC (Squad Communication Channel, squad based com-links that allows commands to be made without revealing one's presence by shouting)

"You heard the LT., now move it or you'll get trash duty for a week!" Karl was the new leader for the SSS S&R ( Search and Rescue) Squad, I had personally chosen him after his predecessor suffered a vacuum suit malfunction, due to his performance in the training fields( although his classwork scores were low), and he seemed to me that my judgment of him was proven correct.Karl was an outsider who had come seeking employment, which was quite odd seeing as he originated from a luxurious family in the Terran System.

As we slowly scanned different sectors of the ruined shuttle craft, I investigated affected areas of the hull that seemed to have been damaged by a plasma like substance, which worried me because the only people with military grade technology, other than SSS, would have to be pirates or a private developer, both could cause endless problems for SSS, but of course how little we knew.

"Lieutenant, this is second team, we're in the generator room, we've found a survivor"

"What's their status?"

"Unconscious, bio-scans detect severe internal bleeding, and several major organs no longer functioning, nothing that those Medboys(nickname for medics, doctors and the like) can't handle."

"Can you tell the causes of the injuries?"

"Appears to be a form of plasma burns and a large ridged weapon."

"What do you mean, ridged weapon?"

"Well ,sir, it looks like a ridged blade or maybe animal claws, whatever it was, it cut through ceramatic armor like a knife through paper."

"Wait, are you saying that we have a survivor wearing the MOST ADVANCED ARMOR MADE BY MAN, who was ALMOST KILLED BY A SWORD OR AN ANIMAL?!"

"Affirmative, what should we do, sir?"

I pondered my mind before answering, if this was a weapon then my fears of a private developer performing tests on citizens under my jurisdiction had become reality, but the images I was receiving told me otherwise. Ceramatic armor is made of thousands of overlapping layers of plasteel( the only material to be made tougher than diamonds), but it appeared as though the security officer had worn leather, instead of elite combat armor which is illegal for any civilian(I later discovered that he had been in the Vahallan 3rd Shock Army, which allows all retiring members to keep their armor).

"Pull back to the airlock and take the survivor to the Med-bay, but Make Sure They Take Some A Vidcast of his wounds."

I switched to the system wide channel, then gave an order I wish I could have made sooner


The author's comments:
I'm an abid reader of the Warhammer 40000 books,and a fan of the Halo series. I hope to entertain my peers with a series of small stories describing a war in which total victory requires the ultimate sacrifice.

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