December 20, 2011
By telararae BRONZE, St. Joseph, Missouri
telararae BRONZE, St. Joseph, Missouri
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There once was a frog named Paco,
He was very, very sad.
“Why you say?”
Because he lost his favorite hat!
He looked up and down,
And all around.
But he could not find it anywhere!
He posted signs,
Put up ads,
And even asked everyone in town.
But no one has seen it.
“Why is it such a big deal?”
Because he got that hat from his father.
This hat was bright red,
And it had a yellow propeller on top.
Paco thought it was the best hat in the world.
The next he thought about giving up.
“You should never give up on anything!”
His mother said.
He thought long and hard.
And realized, his mom was right!
So he went to go to get a snack and what did he see?
His hat!
It was in the cabinet all along!
“I am glad that I did not give up.” He thought.

The author's comments:
Never Give Up! :)

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