December 7, 2011
By DarkSilentAngel GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
DarkSilentAngel GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
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The sun shined through the thick haze, penetrating through each building, sparking our faces, and gleaming through the beads of sweat that clung to our body. We stepped in unison, down the hot street. Our guns clenched in our arms, and packs hunching our backs, as we hobbled in silence. "How much further?" 68 whispered. We came up to an Intersection. Go forward, Parrish Street. Go left or right, we hit Sigge Avenue. I turned left on the corner, and my accomplices followed, guns pointed forward. "Not much further 68. Cool yourself." All 5 of us tracked down the street. I saw a huge, parking garage, filled with the many crumpled cars, as I have seen in the workshop. We quickened our pace, to at least get under cover before anyone could see us-if there was anyone. We winded our way through the cars. I motioned, with my shotgun, for Einstein and Zero, to go right, into the cars, 68 and Squintoa to go left. "REV," I looked at 68, who loudly whispered. "Like he** your not going alone!" I marched up to him, in fury. Looked directly into his eyes, and in a low grumble said, "Right now, I'm leader of this operation. Shut up, or f*** up, 68. I don't know when we are going to make it to the Safe House, or if there ever is one, and your destroying our chances, if your this impatient!" he looked upset. As usual, I regretted saying it. He nodded his head in approval, steadied his gun on his collar bone, and went ahead with Squintoa. I headed back into my lane, and started down the way. I could hear the shuffling of the other guys boots, in their positions. I kept my gun pointed forward, knowing something would happen. I slowly walked down the way, of rust and rubber.
It eventually got quiet. More quiet. Then dead silence. I couldn't even hear my breathing, much less my boots scuffing the ground. Then, as I continued walking, pushing the fact I couldn't hear anything, a sound actually came to my ears. It sounded like a drum. Pounding. Pulsing. Pulsing? I realized, that it was my heart. I could feel it thud through my chest, and pound in my ears. We shouldn't be here. As I turned to run, and call my group back, something grabbed me. It latched onto my pack, and drug me down. I heard the thud, and my screams. I tossed my gun into the air, and screamed for my group to help. The Atmo's claws dug deep into my shoulders. The poison in it's nails burned the wound, like fire to to leaves and wood. I looked into it's horrid eyes as it shook me violently. The bright yellow gold eyes. This Atmo's teeth, foamed and snarled at me. Barking. From the corner of my eye, I could see Squintoa and 68, jumping over cars, and tires, guns at the ready. I look the other way and Einstien and Zero aren't there.
The Atmo extracted his horrid right claw from my shoulder, lifted it, and just as he was about to plunge it into my stomach, 68 took his first shot. Blood fell like rain onto my suit and face. It howled in pain, as it's claw blew off and landed a couple of feet away. As the Atmo lurched back, my arm went with it's claw. I screamed, I was in so much pain. My vision blurred, and my clothes seeped with It's blood and mine. I heard the gun shots ringing in my ears. Eventually he took his claws out of me. I looked up as Squintoa shot the Atmo in the eye. It's yellow gold eyes.
The pain in my shoulder was too intense. I began to go black. My eyes closed. I faded out.
I opened my eyes. My heart pulsing through my eyes. My head spinning. I saw everyone around me. They were trying to pick me up off the floor. I saw off into the distance. They sky was getting darker, and I could see the Lights off in the distance. I faded out again.
The next time I came back to reality, I was in a bright, white room. There was bright light was above me, and three heads were looking down on me with white masks, silvery tools, and white clothes. I faded out again.
This stagnant beeping came to my ears, in a slow steady way, that blurred in my head. I barley opened my eyes, because of their heaviness upon my head. My head spun, and was enflamed with pain. As I tried my best to look up at where I was, it got progressively worse, but I pushed through. The apparent room I was in, had a dark, florescent lighting and even darker corners. I blinked my eyes, with the pain increasing every time I opened them.
My right arm was hooked up to several IV's and heart monitors that beeped, beeped, and beeped, to show I'm alive. I look at my left arm, hoping to see the same thing. But I saw nothing. My left arm was gone. I twisted my left shoulder toward me, so I could try and reach it with m right arm. My mind wasn't playing with me. It was gone.
I let out the loudest shriek I possibly could, hoping to gain some attention, to tell me what the f*** was going on. Zero was beside me at that moment. "Calm down, Rev! It's okay I'm here. Shhhhhh, it's okay," He looked into my eyes and stroked my forehead in a soothing way. I looked up at him, frantic, and scared. "S*** man!' I yelled at him, "What's going on man? Where are we? What happened?" Along with tears and spit, it all just came out. I sweating, and crying didn't help. "Shhhhhhh, Rev it's okay. We're safe. We are in the Safe House. The Atmo tore off your arm, and the Doctor here had to patch it up." a slight smile crossed his mouth. But his eyes drifted down me-to my chest. "Ya know, Rev. I never knew that women could go into the Machine Corp," He looked me in eyes. He whispered at me. "Why would you hide something like that, b****?" I felt like crying. Not just because of my arm, but because now they knew. But I looked him dead in the eyes, leaned in and said, "Why would you hide the fact that your an alien?" I shrugged, and laid back down. When I said that, his smile faded, and he sank back into his chair, with a huge slump. He seemed baffled. For some reason though, I thought he would go off on me again. The beeping between us kept the whole conversation from falling. I peaked through my ragged hair, through to the rest of the room. The light from the dimming bulbs, barley illuminated the people in the other beds. I was on the right side of the lane, and no one around me, except for Zero.

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