the gothic couple

December 12, 2011
By babbygirl04 BRONZE, Midlothian, Texas
babbygirl04 BRONZE, Midlothian, Texas
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As I turn the corner his eyes meet mine. I felt like the whole world stops right in its tracks. “Hey what’s your name gorgeous?” “My name is Monique what’s yours hottie?” “The names derrick you want to hang with us Monique?” “Yeah” we walk back to the barrel on fire where I see a familiar face its Kiki with a guy over her that must be Riri her boyfriend he introduced me to Rhiri. When the cops crashed the party we handed over to derricks apartment somehow some way I ended up in his bed wearing one of his shirts. When I looked at the clock it was 8:30am “oh no I’m late for school” I leave a note saying to meet me at fuzzy’s tacos at noon. All through school I can’t keep my mind off him and I couldn’t wait for the lunch bell rang. I hop into my friend’s car it’s already I drive up and park in the parking lot to find that derrick is leaning up against the front door that leads into fuzzy’s. As I walked toward him he has a sexy grin on his face. “Shall we go in gorgeous?” “Of course” as we walk in derrick puts his arm around me “I didn’t see you this morning why did you leave so early?” “I had school to go to” “so what grade are you in now? what like 7th or 8th” “I’m in 7th grade now””oh I thought you were in 8th grade you sure look older for your age!” “why thank you” when our food was finished derrick went and got it after we ate we went back to derricks place “do you like to watch scary movies” “yeah who doesn’t” in the middle of our movie Rhiri and Kiki walk in “what’s going on you 2?!” “Well we went out for lunch and came back here. Do you have a problem with that? “Nope I’m glad you two are friends. So now we all can hang out together and no one can feel weird.” “Same here!” after rhiri and Kiki left, Derrick pulls me in “I want to be more than friends I hope you feel the same way” he pulls me in and kisses me this was no ordinary kiss this one was filled with love and passion. “I do feel the same way d-bear” From this day on Monique and Derrick are in love <3!!!!!!!!!!!!

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awesome thrilling love storie

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