Ch.1 We are Different

December 11, 2011
By Keifer BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
Keifer BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Yes or no? The simple question we are asked everyday but why can’t we answer with maybe? That will not fulfill any question. My life as teenage girl will never be same when I answer with yes. Of course, I couldn’t answer with no. Being taught to live life to fullest at Saint John’s, a private school answering with no wasn’t even a choice. It’s time to take risks. Welcome, to the twists and turns of my life as a fourteen year old girl.

“Emma, report to my desk now!” Barked, Mrs.Herdy. Not the words I wanted to hear on beautiful Tuesday morning. Thanks to the robotic, wicked, math teacher, Mrs.Herdy it had been turned it a gloomy, dark day. I wasn’t going to dare, let her ruin my day. So, I stood up with my shoulders back like I owned the room .Yet, the floor seemed to be like huge puddle of glue, my feet seem to weigh 100 pounds but, I didn’t let my struggles show on the outside. My fellow classmates gave me smirks, pats on the back and even some good luck. By assuring my friends I give them a simple flip of my golden washed blond wavy hair. Just a way to say I got this.
Flashing my signature pearly smile and glimmering crystal blue eyes to the lovely…. Mrs.Herdy. Way to reassure that I am no troublemaker but, I can tell she means business. Her eyes are hazel but they release a spicy red color that burns my soul. She starts to ramble… All I can make out its “Don’t even try that again, skipping five of your homework problems… will cost you.” She has some nerve to yell at me. I hope she knows that.
Turning back to my class, I huge sigh escaped from my mouth. Yet, I still giggle a bit, letting everyone know she didn’t kill my soul, well not yet. My eyes drop to the ugly rough carpet, my feet drag me to my desk and my heart sinks to the bottom of my weakened body. The only thing I need right now is a big delicious brownie. Emotional eating isn’t the best habit but with my endless hours at dance I keep in shape. My brownie daze ends as Marie pulls my plaid skirt.
“Girl, are you okay!?”
“O…. of course! Just the first time I have been in a huge trouble by the evil, Mrs.Herdy.”
“Breathe… It is all going to be okay, its not like she killed you.”
“Not this time… Marie, I saw…”
“Emma to your sit down, NOW.” Mrs.Herdy voice pierced my ears.
“I am so sorry, Ems” Marie whispers
I had no response to my brunette bestie but on the other hand, people had things to say to me. It seemed like my desk was only a couple steps away but, my feet appeared to carry me one step per hour! As, I take my 3 step my eyes look up into the coffee brown eyes of Jared. He has always looked out for me and I appreciate that, but he is madly in love with me. Jared Carrey is just like a fluffy teddy bear, don’t get me wrong I love teddy bears but I wouldn’t like like one! I care for Jarred so much because his heart is so fragile and is ready to break any minute. Since, I have a macho crush on his adorable best friend, Eric Shear. I’m no help in keeping his loving heart alive. Jared just gives me a smirk like he doesn’t care but his dark brown eyebrows scrunch together showing mixed emotions. I shrug my shoulders and my feet come alive. So, I scurry as fast and silently as I my limbs allowed.
Sigh…How could this happen!?! I am strait A student, but I did forget to do a couple math problems. I agree she should be a bit concerned, but did she have to be so intense, strict and weird about it. Does she want me to be a kiss up? Well, Sorry, Mrs.Herdy there is no way I will ever suck up to you, especially since you are giving me the evil eye right now. Baked goods and apples is Marie’s job not mine. So, this incident with Mrs.Herdy I will just blow off, but just this time.
Tick. Tick. Tick. Come on, just ring already! I have been dreading every second of this math class, while I have my nose buried into my book, scribbling algebra equations and nodding while the annoying girl in front turns around asking super stupid questions that I don’t want to answer. I am about to jam my No.2 dull pencil into my hand when the bell saves my helpless hand. I cram all my books into my pink silk backpack and throw it over my shoulder and dash off to homeroom.
I bump into the upper class men, trying not to fall over. I tumble right into room 7B, homeroom. My eyes look at black and sliver sneakers and they aren’t mine. Looking up, standing right before me, Eric is combing his fingers through is shaggy, chocolate brown hair. I blink to make sure it true. Yes, it is. His athletic, tan arms are reaching for my backpack.
“Need some help?”
“Um… yeah.. Thanks!” I giggle
“It’s not a problem. I saw Mrs.Herdy giving you a hard time. What was that about?”
“I “forgot” to do some math problems… It wasn’t a big deal but she threatened me if I did it again, It will cost me. I don’t understand what the big deal is its just homework. ”
“That’s really weird…I forget my homework all the time, but I never get in trouble from her”
“Wow, she must really hate me!”
Eric smiles, showing off his pearly whites and laughs.
“You know... Sometimes I think she is evil.”
My eyes light up like Christmas lights.
“Me too!”
We both start continuously laughing till my checks are burning chili pepper red. He slings my floral pink backpack over his shoulder and walks me through the crowd of students. A blur of plaid skirts, tucked in burgundy shirts (following the dress code) but I only notice the body guiding me to my desk. His athletic body seems to have a neon yellow glow descending from his muscles like he is glowing with happiness that is making me rejoice in side. Than we take a sudden halt at my desk.
“Thank you.” I say smiling.
“It was no problem. Anytime.”
“Good because I defiantly don’t think I can care all the loads of homework to my house today.”
“I’m actually walking home today and don’t have football so I can… If you want.”
“I would love it! It’s a plan.” But before Eric can even respond Mrs. Carry are homeroom/English teacher is demanding everyone to be seated. So, Eric sets my backpack at my feet, winks and smoothly walks to his desk. I brush aside my excitement, because the eagerness in Mrs. Carry’s leafy green eyes sets me of guard. She looks tired on top which is unusual for my favorite peppy teacher. The wrinkles on her face are deeply engraved in her skin, and her petite body is covered in layers of clothes to keep her warm from the terrible winter in Lincoln, Nebraska, but I don’t blame her I hate the cold winter here! I always laugh at her cute snowman sweaters they are so adorable and funny.

“Everyone please be quiet!” Announces the sweet voice of Mrs. Carry.
Once the thunderous voices have settled to a stop. She calls Eric, Jared, Marie, Bex and me to her desk, but I know I won’t be in trouble this time. I stand side by side my two best friends, Bex is the one I spend my most time with even though she is the oldest of 8 younger sisters that look just like younger versions of her. Each have bleach blonde hair that gets dirty blonde in winter, but the standing out feature of Bex from the rest of her family is her crystal blue eyes and her braces covering teeth. People say we r twins, because of the blondness and blue eyes, but that is the only similarity in are physical features. I have faded freckles on my snub-like nose and Bex skin is clear w/ a cute thin nose. So, I give her a smile, but she punches me in the arm instead of saying hi.

“You aren’t in trouble.”

“Of course, We aren’t. I never get in trouble,” Marie responds and she isn’t lying, because she doesn’t lie either. Unless, it its necessary.

“ I was just saying that for others who aren’t so perfect,” Snaps Mrs. Carry. That makes me giggle and I nudge Bex in her arm and we burst out in high pitch laughs, but then I notice that I shouldn’t of taken that as a joke so, Bex and I try to shut up and Mrs. Carry continues, “but back to why I am all talking to you all. I am going to need your cell-phones,and I need you to bring them to me right now I wont take them, but I need to instert something into them.”

“Why, would you need to do that?” I ask

“Um...You,” Her eyes dash back and forth and side to side not making eye contact with any of us. “ I need to give you all the number for the school, because you have been entered in a contest and they will be contacting you sometime soon.” She stutters, but I guess that makes sense.
After we all of given her are cell phones, besides Marie who doesn’t own one. Our whole class goes to P.E. I dread this class even more than math and today I notice a weird vibe from the gym this should be interesting,

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Ch.1 of We are Different! more to come ;)

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