Toe-Eating Trolls

November 29, 2011
By classof20142121 GOLD, Torrington, Wyoming
classof20142121 GOLD, Torrington, Wyoming
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“Sara gets out of my room now!” My sister screamed at the top of her lungs. I sat in the conner of my sister Roses cludderson room. I had lipstick smeared all over my face and mascara on my eye lashes making me look like one of the living dead . “I Ant doin anything wrong Rose I am just playing gosh it’s not like I could mess anything up in hear YOU all ready did that “ I said with a smug smile on my face “ UGH!” she shouted chasing me out of the room. Later that night I sat on the coach watch a scary movie. The movie was called “Return of the Trolls”. Right when the Troll was about to eat the main character Rose jumped up from behind the coach.” Roar!!! I am going to eat your toes “She cried. “ AHHHHH!!!’’ I screamed at the top of my lungs “ Rose that wasn’t funny at all beside trolls don’t eat toes they eat your head off. “ I told her. “ oh but the trolls that eat your toes aren’t ordinary trolls these are ………………….. Never mind you would be too sacred. Mom told me to stop giving you night mares don’t want to get into trouble . “Oh it won’t give me nightmares please rose tell me please what.” I pleaded to her.” well ok but you have to promise not to tell her that I told you this.” She told me. “The trolls that eat your toes are called Toe eating trolls and they eat your toes way you sleep. They live under your bed and at night they crawl up your bed like a snakes and they go chop on your piggy’s.” She told me.” Oh yeah why haven’t they ate my toes already I have been sleeping in my bed along time now .” I told her. “ They only come out when they know you have bothered some on in your family a lot lately .” I looked at her with a scared look in my eyes . “ If I remember right you have been bothering me a lot latently . You better watch out tonight CHOP” she said . She chopped a few more times in front of me and then laughed and walked away all I knew is the toe eating trolls weren’t going get my toes .

The author's comments:
I was board and I wrote this tell me what you think and I might write more of this story. This is only the first chapter

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Moonlitnight said...
on Jan. 9 2012 at 9:14 pm
That's so cute! I love it :)

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