Last Hope

November 22, 2011
By Sean Keeler BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
Sean Keeler BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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It was a dark day on Discordia’s moon. As the soldiers ran to battle, they knew that Michael was too strong to defeat. Some wondered how he had gotten that way, so corrupt, so evil. They knew long ago he had taken on the role as keeper of the Darkness Universe. He used to be a Guardian of Light, a force for good, but he was always darker than the others. One day he became corrupted. This is the documentation of that day.

Discordia was the planet that the humans fled to after Earth had been destroyed in the wars between Darkness and the Guardians of Light, in which the guardians were victorious. It has one moon. Discordia was the perfect selection as a new home planet as it had no inhabitants and it did not need to be terraformed. After the wars had ended the guardians were offered ruler ship of Discordia. They took a vote, and declined the offer.

The guardians, in return for defending the Light Universe, were granted immortality. It had been one hundred years by the time that these events took place. Recently, Michael had been getting angry at the Discordians. They had developed technology to get into the Darkness Universe. That would have been fine, but the Darkness Universe was where all dead souls went. They wanted to see their loved ones how had become deceased. Michael had so far been successful at keeping them out.

Scientists on Discordia’s moon had also been developing an immortality drug. If it was deployed, then the guardians would lose their powers. For Michael, all this would mean would be losing the ability to visit the Light Universe. He wanted revenge and had been planning an attack for decades.

“What do you mean, ‘immortality drug’?” screamed Michael in outrage. The other guardians had called a meeting to tell Michael of the new medicine that allowed humans to live forever.
“The scientists have created the drugs for the sake of human kind.” Taylor, the water guardian responded calmly.
“Without the death of death of the general population, we will lose immortality, let alone our powers!” Michael exclaimed.
“And that is why we called this meeting.” Taylor said. In a fit of pure rage, Michael transformed his body into pure fire and summoned a wall of fire as high as the asteroid they were on was wide.
“The population of Discordia has outraged me for the last time! I will have my revenge!” Michael said in bloodcurdling yell. With those words, the wall of fire turned into a dense orb of fire, about the size of a marble. The orb then expanded at the speed of light, flinging all four of the guardians off of the asteroid and destroying the asteroid itself.
“Now, they will realize their faults.” Michael whispered as he started making his way toward Discordia.
Meanwhile, the other guardians regrouped at Discordia’s capital.
“We must set up defenses around the capital.” Emily, the air guardian, said.
“He won’t attack the capital. Not first.” Patrick, the earth guardian, said.
“Oh? What will he do then?” said Taylor.
“The moon. That’s where the immortality drug is kept. After that, all of Discordia is fair game to him.” said Patrick.
“Tell the Discordian soldiers to begin transport. If he wins the moon… Well, let’s just say this is our last hope.” Emily said.
This brings us up to where we are now. Michael is doing everything but destroying the battlefield itself. The soldiers were trying to stall until the other guardians arrived. Of the million or so soldiers that had gotten to the battlefield so far, about nine hundred thousand had died already. The battle had begun less than five minutes ago. The soldiers that were still alive where cowering in trenches hoping that Michael would stand down or be defeated.
The other guardians arrived with the last wave of reinforcements.
“This is your last chance to stand down Michael!” Taylor screamed to him over the roar of the battle.
“You think I will stand down and slowly wither away? You’re delusional!” Michael screamed back. This was the signal for the other guardians to start attacking. It was a spectacular battle, with huge walls of vibrant flames and deep blue water colliding in front of a backdrop of deep space. They fought for days, neither side gaining any advantage over the other.
Suddenly, Michael screamed, “ENOUGH!” When Michael awoke he relied what he had done. He had emitted a blast great enough to shatter Discordia and its moon. He had killed the entire population, in turn killing himself and the other guardians in the long run. He sat crying for days, until he accepted his fate and submitted to death. He faced the others in the Darkness Universe. He became an outcast, sentenced to roam for all eternity. The other guardians saw he was sorry, and went with him.
“Why are you coming? I killed everyone. I am not deserving of your presence.” Michael asked somberly.
“You were doing what you thought was right. You see the faults in your ways, and are truly sorry. Why shouldn’t we?” Taylor explained.
Michael was very thankful for the wisdom of the other guardians.
“Is there any way I can show that I am sorry to the Discordians? They’re not able to survive these conditions!” Michael said.
“Perhaps there is a way,” Said Patrick. “But you can only do it if you are truly sorry.”
“I’ll do anything to prove myself.” Said Michael.
Patrick’s idea was to have Michael channel all of his energy into creating a new universe. Michael did it, and the new universe was created. Many still vilify Michael. But without him, we wouldn’t have the universe we call home today.

The author's comments:
This is the first piece in my Guardians of Light: Backstory series.

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