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November 18, 2011
By Shadowfox123 BRONZE, San Diego, Texas
Shadowfox123 BRONZE, San Diego, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Darkness will rise again. Who will save us? Will it win? Will the light come to save us?

"Love.....Anger....Envy...These are some of the emotions that some of the cruelest warriors thought in the battle-" *Beep* The bell had just rung.

"Sorry Shadow." said our old gazelle teacher Mr. Rodswich "Monday you can finish your report on some of the warriors in history."

"OK see you Monday Mr. R." I said leaving the classroom eventually the school.

I found myself walking along the edge of the forest. The dead leafs crunching under my feet. The winter sky dark and bleak.

After getting lost in thought I could hear a girls voice humming in the distance. I thought I was crazy. Even though I was very young I still had much more experience than many other Anthros (A half human and half animal species that now walk on the earth along with the humans. I was a pure silver wolf with silver eyes and long fur on my head. I was obsessed with the color black.)

I finally decided to follow the sound. To me it sounded feminine
but I couldn't tell for sure.

After walking for quite a bit I eventually found it. Not to my surprise it was a girl Anthro. She was a white cat with a patch of brown under her right eye. She wore a shirt with a rose on it, a grey jacket, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of running shoes.

The forest was quiet only her voice could be heard. When shel stopped the forest was too quiet for my liking. That's when it hit me we were'nt alone. The ground started to shake. A lone demon appeared.

The girl screamed in terror. Almost as soon as she did that the demon started charging at her. I had to reveal one of my secrets and banish this demon.

In an instant I was in front of her.

"Your mine now"

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