Everwood Chapter 3: Aria

November 21, 2011
Where is some coffee when I need it? Caden guided me to the teachers’ lounge, and held the door open for me, “Benefits of being friends with Caden.” He smiled at me as he pointed to the coffee maker, which seemed to be glowing with a holy light. I smiled because I could still joke around, at least with myself anyways. “Thanks.” I mumbled. “Hey Ari you don’t look so good.” He said touching my shoulder, flinching to the touch, he jumped back, “You’re cold.” His eyes got big as I shook to pour my coffee. “It’s called caffeine withdraw.” Faking a smile, but I knew it was something more. So did Caden but he didn’t push me any further. “If you don’t feel well text me, so I can take you home, okay?” He questioned looking concern. Nodding in his direction as I took a sip of the warm coffee, I smirked “Be next to your car after school, yup I know the drill Caden.” My lips broke into a smile as he stuck up his thumbs.

Walking the hallways before school was weird; it had an eerie feeling to it. Stopping I bent over to tie my and a pain tore my stomach in two. Doubling over, spilling the coffee onto the floor, I soon began to fall to the floor. This wasn’t good; it wasn’t the first time this happened, most of the time it happened at home, and never so often. I saw that I left nail marks in the wall. Oops… gripping the wall for support I made my way up.
“Hello, do you need some help?” a quiet yet deep voice spoke from behind. “I’m a big girl, I think I got this.” I stumbled forward and he stood like a brick wall with hands catching me. Great two boys have touched me today, but saved me from falling flat on my face. Black high top converse, dark jeans, and a white slight V-neck t-shirt, pale skin and a cute face, was all I saw. Then his eyes, those eyes, the ones from my dream, were looking down at me. It’s only a coincidence Aria, it’s just a dream, don’t freak out! My mind screamed at me. Shaking my head, feeling a little dazed, I finally managed a greeting. “Hi, my name is Jase, and I am new here.” He smiled, but those eyes glowed familiar, giving me a familiar warm yet scared feeling. “Sorry, I am Aria, nice to meet, sorry not good day for me. Welcome here, you are early to school, so you missed the welcome committee.” Smiling at this new guy, I could see he was fit. Every move I could see his biceps and triceps flex and stone hard stomach. Really attractive and every girls dreamy bad boy look. He had brown hair and chocolate colored eyes, which could make any woman, melt. My eyes started zooming in on Jase, I could feel his heart beat as it was my own, and I felt extremely clammy and sick. Jase was giving me this “are you okay,” look, I could see his mouth moving but nothing came out. In mind I was falling off a cliff, my body was completely weightless, there was a sense of serenity but also chaos. I was so lost in my mind I didn’t realized I was already gone from reality. “Caden,” Slipped from my lips as I left.
I feel the cool ground of the forest beneath my bare body, it wasn’t winter but it still wasn’t spring. I was alone and covered in dirt. I stood up, concentrating on the green. I was in a clearing, spring flowers are starting to bloom and spread. “Aria,” A voice tugged at my mind to look up. I see the new guy Jase, at the edge of the clearing. He is not talking but thinking. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen to you, please don’t hate me, because it’s about to happen again.” Confused, I opened my mouth to defend, but my body began to split in two. Suddenly one moment I was human the next a creature, it happened multiple times, until all of me was gone.

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