The Color Purple

November 21, 2011
By Taylor Marshall BRONZE, Secretary, Maryland
Taylor Marshall BRONZE, Secretary, Maryland
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Once upon a time there was an alligator named Norman. He was a very good artist. Drawing and painting were Norman’s two favorite things in the world! Norman could spend months painting pictures that were just absolutely gorgeous.

Norman really wanted to be a famous painter in his town of Alligator Mania. Although, one thing stood in the way, Norman was not just your everyday green alligator. Norman was purple!! Everybody in Norman’s town looked down upon him. They did not like that fact that Norman was different than them. Even Norman’s family disowned him. Norman tried and tried to be as normal as he could, he ever tired spray painting himself green. Norman would paint pictures of green alligators, hoping someday to find a way to be like everyone else in his town.

Then one day Norman’s neighbor, Mr. Frankford came to pay Norman a visit. He was one of the few alligators that actually liked Norman. Mr. Frankford noticed the HUGE green alligator Norman had been working on for weeks. He asked Norman why he didn’t paint a purple alligator to symbolize his unique difference. Norman replied sadly, “Well you see, I want to be a normal alligator, I’m tired of getting picked on for being purple!” Then Mr. Frankford said “Being purple makes you who you are! Who cares what other people think! You’re a wonderful painter and you should be proud of who you are!” Norman realized that Mr. Frankford had a point. Norman h ad always seen the world out of other alligator’s perspectives, but now Norman is proud of who he is, a purple alligator! His house is filled with paintings of purple alligator’s, as it should be. Now many alligators admire Norman’s house and they finally get the unique difference that Norman has. Norman will never forget to always stay true to himself and to look at life through his own eyes. After all, isn’t that what makes a great painter?

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