New Gomorrah

November 15, 2011
By Gunrise SILVER, Cape May Court House, New Jersey
Gunrise SILVER, Cape May Court House, New Jersey
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New Gomorrah, a city of sin and home to the morally corrupt. Now, there are some places that you go to live and then there are places where you go to die. Would you believe me if I told you it was both? This is the place where your wildest - and darkest - dreams come true. Pick your poison: drugs, w*****, gambling - or rather you could say gluttony, lust and greed. The streets are rife with idolaters trying to cling to any semblance of hope. Nights are plagued by envious thieves, coveting, taking everything that you hold most dear. Above it all are the gang leaders, the loan sharks, the card sharps; the vane - all full of pride and sin. They make me sick. They think they run this city, but if they only knew. I am above them all. Y'know these lands were once a beautiful place - and still are, for the most part. The rivers, the valleys, the hills and dales - hell, even the salt flats - anything, anywhere other than this godforsaken smudge. Remember how I said I was above them? Well, that isn't exactly entirely true. I'm stuck in the same situation as most in this city, though my reasons aren't quite the same. Most people are still here because of their foolish greed - though the house always wins. Ironically, I came here to make a better life for my family. Despite all of the immorality, these times are tough, and all the jobs are in New Gomorrah. I am determined to make a change, determined to restore order to this once great city. Remember, this isn't just my solliloquy, this is my promise. Things will change.

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote for my Creative Writing class on my senior year, a story that I was asked to elaborate more on by my teacher because she happened to like it. As a side-note, I am not Christian though I hold some Christian ideals. I hold no religion, only beliefs.

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