Train 721

November 15, 2011
The passengers of the 721 afternoon train had gone into their day expecting nothing more remarkable to happen that day than it did on any other. They were, therefore, not prepared for the events that transpired. They got on their train and planned their arrival at home as they waited, looking out the windows as the scenery flew by. Suddenly, a screech of metal on metal broke the relative silence. A violent swing to the right preceded a gut wrenching drop that threw them all to the ceiling. Dazed and uncertain, they clambered out of the wreck, staring at a blaring, unfamiliar environment. The air was too thick, and oddly clear. There were odd, closely packed structures all around. Out of them poured bizarre, squishy looking creatures, all staring with beady, close set eyes. Only one sun blazed in the sky. This, they thought, was not planet Glorb of the Andromeda galaxy.

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