what happens in the dorm stays in the dorm

November 6, 2011
By mjane Eseuk BRONZE, Dededo, Other
mjane Eseuk BRONZE, Dededo, Other
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“Boom, boom, Pow,” I arose, from this disturbing sound, falling off my bed. I get up, my heads spinning, grabbing anything for balance, its pitch dark, trying to find the switch to turn the lights on. In the far corner, the strange noise gets louder, something is telling me its better with the lights off, glancing at the digital clock, its 11: 30pm.
To the left, to the left, I’m shaking. To the right, to the right, someone’s aching. I gasp, not only one person, but two. I get closer.”Dang it’s getting hot” I whispered. Removing my bottoms, “oh (beep) I’m in the college dorm, “bottoms up, bottoms up” my shorts are half way to my knees, I hear a low grunt, and the bed squeaking multiple times. I paused for a moment wondering “what is this?” let’s get closer. Now this time I see shadows, both of different genders. “What the (beep) is going on?”Now this time the girl is giggling, “Push harder, push harder!” holy (beep) NO WAY! They can’t be doing what I think they’re doing. This time the guy was groaning loudly. I couldn’t handle the curiosity, so I ran, and switched the lights on, looked over at the disturbing corner, not knowing that the couple was just moving the bed to the other side of the dorm room. Dayummm what a Relief!

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