a last submission of the chronicles of serenity and saber

November 3, 2011
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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I was sitting in my room as it started getting dark out that night, Saber burst into the room his eyes wild with fear, screaming to me that we had to run. I jumped up, my heart hammering, it felt as if it was about to burst out of my chest. I didn't know what was going on or why we had to leave now. It wasn't supposed to happen for another few months, but here we were rushing to the truck for there was no time to move the couch from the trapdoor and climb down the ladder. The truck revved to life and saber automatically slammed it into reverse not even giving me time to shut the door or buckle up. Hurrying, I slammed the door and fumbled with my seat belt clicking it into the buckle. Saber raced down the driveway and turned sharply toward town. The truck accelerated and I had no choice but to look behind us.

Sure enough, the black wolf was running after us, his emerald green eyes gleaming madly as he sped up to an inhuman speed. Suddenly he was right next to us, trying to ram into us and shove us off the road, I looked toward the speedometer, we were going 60 and the Watcher was still right next to us, and I had a feeling it wasn't his full speed. Saber pressed the gas pedal down further, almost all the way down, we were flying through town, no one was out and about, the road was deserted.

We were now going 80 miles an hour and the wolf was not far behind us, as he neared closer he leapt into the air and onto the top of the truck. We were now nearing the highway., a billboard was coming up on our right, Saber looked at me and shouted for me to hold on tight. As soon as I grabbed a hold of something sturdy enough to hold myself and braced myself for whatever was going to happen the wolf started tearing into the hood trying to get at us. Then Saber glanced at me then slammed on the brakes. The huge wolf went flying from the hood, it was perfect aim, he hit the billboard at quite a fast speed, and being as huge as he was, knocked the billboard down, it went crashing down with the body, the truck went up on two wheels teeter-tottered a bit then came to a halt.

As fast as I could, I ripped the seatbelt off and jumped off, Saber shouted after me trying to stop me running toward where the Watcher was crushed. Hopefully it was dead, the billboard was splintered and laying in pieces around the Watcher. I gasped in horror as I stared down at the bloodied mangled body, for what I had thought was a random Watcher, there lay Alex. I heard a scream, not quite sure if it was mine, as I dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around him pulling him up to my chest, I heard his labored breathing that was quickly leaving. I sobbed I love you, over and over again as his life left his body. Suddenly he groaned, trying to speak, he tried until he could form the few last words that he could manage, “I love u baby, take care of my son. I am so sorry,” his mangled hand reached toward me and I bent down and gave him one last kiss before the last breath of life left him and my sobs were the only sounds that filled the night.

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