The Woods

October 13, 2011
By jackie7 BRONZE, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
jackie7 BRONZE, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time this little girl named Rosy wanted to go play out in the woods. But her mom wouldn’t allow her to go. So one beautiful afternoon her mom left to go to the store. She decided she’d go on an adventure through the woods. But to have an excuse she threw her favorite bouncy ball far into the woods. She followed the big opening that connected to the tree line. She walked for awhile till she heard a noise. She thought maybe it was a bunny or maybe even a deer. It wasn’t too big of a noise to think it was any bigger than that. But she wasn’t taking any chances so she hurried down the path. She stopped behind a tree looking around her for anything suspicious. But then she saw something that was so crazy she blinked a couple times. Thinking it was her mind playing tricks on her. She opened her eyes again to find what she saw was actually there. What she saw was a little man but that wasn’t the crazy part. He actually looked like one of those creepy little animals from a scary movie. He had eight eyes and a huge, weird shaped nose. He had tentacles as hands and webbed feet. But the freakiest part was that he had teeth like a shark except for there was more rows of teeth. He was standing next to a small little door. That opened into the ground. She moved her feet to get a better look but she heard the crack of a branch that she snapped when moving.

He lifted his head and looked straight at her. She tried to look like he didn’t bother her so maybe he wouldn’t see how freaked out she truly was. He smiled at her showing all his sharply pointed teeth.

“Hi young girl. What are you doing out here all on your own.” He stepped towards her.
She didn’t answer the thing back. He stepped towards her again and she could see a freaky gleam in its eyes.

She bolted down the path she followed but knowing that it could catch her faster if she followed the easy path. So she veered off the path and into deeper woods. She heard it catching up to her so she looked behind her. She tripped over a rock and feel down.

The last thing she remembered was hitting her head and the pain.

The thing laughed at how stupid she’d been coming out here. He dragged her back to his house laughing.

All the police ever found was a shoe.
The end

The author's comments:
its a flash fiction. inspired by a little door in my school. also by my class and Mrs. Bowman

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