Waking up

October 11, 2011
By ibm13 BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
ibm13 BRONZE, Wausau, Wisconsin
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I wake up in a dark room, not knowing where i am. There is rope tying up my hand and feet, cutting into painfully. I have no recollection of who i am and am starting to freak out. I try calling for help, yet my voice is not heard. Every second is more painful and i start crying out in agony, but again my voice is not heard. I realize I have probably been here for some time.... But just how long has that time been? I am trying to remember a detail about anything. I can't even remember my name. A light suddenly turns on and two men walk in. They are both very built and smell of dirt. They walk right up to me, ask me who I am. I think a moment and reply with the honest answer of "I have no idea." They both laugh and everything goes black. I wake up in a hotel at gunpoint. The same two men are staring at me and again asking me who I am. This time i remember, I am David smith, top CIA assassin. I realize I was on a case about a crime boss who was importing parts from Russia. I then lunge in for attack, not knowing anything besides the basic memories I have just remembered. I break the handcuffs with brute force. the chains of the handcuffs whip into each of their faces. The first one fires, barely missing my head. I grab his arm and break it. I don't know why I did, instinct i guess. I then throw him to the ground breaking his neck. He is lying on the ground motionless. The next thug whips out a knife. He slices my left knee leaving a deep gash. I scream out in pain. I grab him by the throat and lift him off the ground. I have no idea how i can muster the strength to do this, I can't be over 150 pounds and he is at least 220. I throw him to the ground. I then jump on him, my knees digging into his throat, and punch him until he is not moving. I am lying on the ground, in pain and with severe injuries I don't remember. And die, no pain, without knowledge of who I am. I wake up in the police station, a plane is waiting and I go back to Washington. I still feel that I am dead..... Am I????

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