When I met an Alien from Planet Veeloo

October 4, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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The spaceship came at midnight. Although I’m not sure it can really be called a spaceship. It had open windows and huge double doors. It looked like it was made of cork.
It made a big bang so loud when it landed that the ground vibrated. The earth vibrated so much that I thought it was an earthquake, so I blindly ran outside and hit the cork spaceship. I was knocked unconscious. You’re probably wondering why I was awake at midnight and where the cork spaceship landed. Well I was up that late at night because there was a NCIS marathon. My name is Farmer Brown. My first name is Farmer. I had some strange parents. They were vegetarian hippies. They would only eat vegetables and fruit because they were both lactose intolerant. I live out in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. Yes, you read that right. The name of the town is Nowhere. Don’t bother looking for it on the map because you won’t find it. I live in this town all alone. A couple of years back some kid got the Yellow Fever. Every person caught it except for me. They all died.

Anyways back to the story. After I was conscious again I saw the giant cork spaceship. I must admit I thought I was dreaming. But then a little man walked out of the cork spaceship and walked right into my house. I’m not sure walked is the right word. He was floating. His feet were about three inches off the ground. He was about four feet tall and his bright orange hair was down to his shoulders. His eyes were huge. They took up his entire forehead. His eyes were bright red. They looked like they were glowing. His clothes looked like they were made of a watery substance except it was all black. I stared with my mouth open as he walked by.

Coming back to my senses I told myself that it was just a strange dream. I pinched myself over and over again. Finding that that didn’t work I started pulling my hair, then slapping me. I ran into the cork spaceship, but nothing worked. It took up to half an hour to realize that this was not a dream. It was real life. I walked into the house to call the police. After calling 911 I went into the kitchen for a snack. And there he was: the weird alien from the cork spaceship. I did the only thing I could think of: I screamed. Did I mention that the alien was bright purple? Apparently it had never seen a human before or I took it by surprise because it screamed too. He had a girl’s scream. Then he suddenly stopped screaming and said hi. He had a strange accent. His voice sounded just like a guy’s from Norway. He looked at me like he expected something from me. So I said hello back to him. He went back to the refrigerator.

After a few minutes of looking he said, “You no thyum here?”

What was thyum I thought? It must be some sort of food. I didn’t know what to say. Would he even understand what I would say? Finally I said, “No, I don’t have any thyum.”

“Too bad, tastes good,” said the alien, “By way, I Prunkie. Come from planet Veeloo. That far away.”

“Oh,” I said, “I’m Farmer Brown.” Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It must be the police. “I’ll get that, you stay here.”

I walked to the door and sure enough there was Sheriff Well and Deputy Done. “Come inside,” I told them.

After they came inside they asked where the alien was. Apparently they didn’t believe me when I said there was an alien. After I showed them Prunkie they were dumbstruck. Prunkie asked what was going on. After the policemen knew that this wasn’t a prank and I told Prunkie that he was going to be visited by some very important people on my planet Sheriff Well called the FBI.

After about an hour the FBI showed up. After they saw Prunkie they immediately took custody over him and took him away. “Where I going?” he asked me as he was being dragged away. Before I could answer him he was gone.

Soon the FBI men took Prunkie to Here, Arizona. That place is not on the map either. They took tests on him and then called the President. Prunkie was scared. He didn’t know what was going on, but he knew he had to find a way back to his spaceship and Farmer Brown. That man was the only person on this planet that he trusted. Soon the President showed up.

“What do we do with him Mr. President?” asked one of the FBI agents.

“I don’t know but one thing for sure is that nobody else must know about him,” said the President.

So Prunkie was taken to a cell and was kept there. The only thing that he could think about was thyum. Thyum is a purple glop similar to poi. Meanwhile one of the FBI agents named Benedict Armald was planning on telling The New York Times. He would probably get millions of dollars. As he was planning that Prunkie was planning his escape. He would just shrink himself small enough to get through the bars, but it would have to be when no guard was watching him.

The next day Benedict Armald decided to sneak out and sell the story to the newspaper. Prunkie noticed that he was gone so he decided to sneak out. Somehow he knew that he had to go northeast. By the time Benedict came back he was too tired to notice that Prunkie was gone.

Soon Prunkie was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By now all of America had heard that he was here, but since Prunkie couldn’t read English he had no idea that they knew about him. Suddenly a woman saw him and screamed. Quickly he got out his freeze ray gun and shot her. She was instantly paralyzed. Many people had seen him shoot the woman. So he shot every single person in the town. Unfortunately he missed one little girl named Sympthia. She would soon be the reason why he was captured again. Soon he was on his way north.

Meanwhile the President had heard that somebody had sold the story to the New York Times. Unfortunately for Benedict Armald the newspaper told everyone who had sold the story. He was immediately put in jail and would stay there for the rest of his life.

Back in Albuquerque little Sympthia was calling 911. Soon the police came. Strangely they were the same policemen who had met Prunkie before. Sheriff Well and Deputy Done saw all of the paralyzed people and called for the ambulance. None of the doctors could figure out how they all became paralyzed. Soon Deputy Done was questioning the little girl. When she described the culprit as a little man with purple skin and big eyes the Deputy knew who she was talking about. Apparently he also was armed with a gun to paralyze people. He would have to be found and restore everybody back to there original state.

Prunkie was now in Colorado and it was winter. He was freezing. Where he was from there was no such thing as winter. But he kept on trudging on. Every person he saw was paralyzed by his freeze gun. The police were right on his trail. Soon he was in Nebraska again. When he was only five miles away from his spaceship and Farmer Brown he was so tired that he decided to take a nap. That’s when disaster struck: the police found him. Soon the FBI were there and reporters and spectators. Unfortunately for Prunkie when he was sleeping they took away his freeze gun. He was surrounded. The police told him to restore the people and to come with them peacefully and he wouldn’t be hurt. That, of course was a lie, and Prunkie knew it. So he said, “I restore people, I go home.” The police did not like that idea.

“You come with us and restore people and you don’t get hurt,” said Sheriff Well.

Prunkie did not agree. He said, “I go with you, people stay same.”

Since they were thinking of the country they let him go after he restored the people. It turns out that you need thyum to heal them. Luckily he had tons in his cork spaceship.

After he collected food from Farmer Brown and said goodbye and took a couple of pictures with him he left for Veeloo. It was a day’s drive. When he got back he wrote a story about his trip to Earth and about how they didn’t have any thyum. He also thought they were uncivilized, except of course Farmer Brown. Farmer Brown decided that he missed having company so he moved to Los Angeles. Unfortunately people made fun of him because of his name. So he then moved to Central California and bought a farm. He lived the rest of his days in comfort. It turns out that Benedict Armald escaped from jail and moved to England. He told the story about the alien but nobody believed him. He became so obsessed with it that he had to be put in a straitjacket. Everybody who was paralyzed had a more or less happy ending.

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