October 8, 2011
By lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
lovemenot PLATINUM, Port Angeles, Washington
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I was tired that's all, I only stopped to soak my feet in the cold creek. Let my wings relax from all of the flying, take a deep breath for once.
But before I knew it was happening. They were surrounding me. I could not see nor hear them, but I could feel their presence in the forest around me. The movement in the water slowed, the breeze became harsh and the hair on the back of my neck tingled. Telling me to up and fly away from them. Doing that would make me an idiot, crawling into their filth covered laps. Getting caught in the nets, the bow and the arrows.
I turned my neck ever so slowly, looking past one particular tree. The leader was hiding in plain sight, mocking me. If only he knew what I am capable of, the danger and pain that I have caused. The rareness of finding a golden flier in the forest at this hour. He would use my power for evil.
My head hurt and the water circling my feet became ice cold, unbearable. Folding my wings in, I stood. Spreading myself out wider, growing my full wingspan. Twelve feet of power and fury.
I thought to myself, If you want it, come get it.
And get it they did.
Arrows shot from behind the white bark and from the sky, the growling and the snapping of the wolves became louder and closer. I panicked.
Darting for the sky, I jumped. Trying to catch air with wings so large and an escape so small. But I made it. I rose from the earth, away from those horrid dogs. Laughing at them I soared, the Queens wolves barking and howling.

You cant capture the only Golden Flier in all of Okuma that easily.
Put up a fight.
I should know, being Queen Zara's only daughter. The sole princess. The only faerie smart enough. The only thing great enough to win, to bring back the peace that was lost.
But I just kept flying.

The author's comments:
My own fairy tale.

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