The Forest

October 6, 2011
By sugar-doll BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
sugar-doll BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
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"Mommy, why can't I go in the forest?" Serena asked turning her head to look at her mother, who was sitting in a small rocking chair across the room. Her small hands still pressed against the window she was just looking out of. Her mother look up at Serena "You know why, my child." She put her attention back to her sewing. Serena sighed and climbed down from the high window seat in the small home. She padded over to her mother’s side and sat down on the floor. She looked up and admired her mother’s beauty, wondering if she to, will ever become that beautiful. True, Serena had the same pale violet skin and big, sad eyes like her mother. But her mother also had long pale green hair that fell down in loose tendrils, surrounding her face angelically. With such a beautiful face, high cheek bones, perfect pouty lips, the longest fullest eyelashes. Also with a long slender body, while Serena had the straight dark blue hair of her father, which fell to her lower back. A small petite face and body, even though she was only 5 years old, she still wished.
"Of course you will be my child." Her mother said looking down at her and cupping her face in her hand.
"How come Feya and Lilith can go into the forest and not me?" Serena said looking up at her mother curiously. Her mother dropped her hand abruptly and looked away from her daughter.
"They alays invite me to go along, but I never can. They tease me because of that." Serena continued adding a bit of emotion in her words.
"Shush my child. You know very well why you aren't allowed in that forest. It is full of dangerous beings and isn't safe for young girls. Their parents do not know the dangers of the forest like I do. I am helping you Serena, not punishing you."
Serena pouted and abruptly stood up and stormed off, outside into the bright sunshine. She walked angrily though the tall grass which grew up to her small waist, confused at her mother’s words. She then heard someone, or something running behind her and she turned suddenly and saw a rustling in the grass a few feet away and within seconds her pet gnarl, Medock, popped out. He sat happily in front of her and she bent down and patted his black, furry head. He wagged his small tail and panted. A small row of sharp teeth came into view. Medock looked up at Serena sadly as she stood up.
"Sorry Medock. I don't feel like playing today."
Medock whimpered and lowered his head, fluttering his wings and running off into the grass. Serena continued walking towards the deep, dark, mysterious forest. She soon came to a small dirt clearing between the grass and the forest. She stood there gazing into the depths of the forest. She slowly started walking down the path, and gazed right, left, up and down. Tall thick evergreens filled the sides and small ferns outlined the path. The sun was mostly covered by the trees except for the occasional stream of sunlight, breaking through. As Serena walked further into the forest, the more foreign and exotic the plants got and also it got darker. Serena tried to look up at the sky to see if it was truly night or just the thick trees. She heard a rustling sound in the brush to her left and quickly turned and stared into the dark mass of green.
"W...who's there?" She said shockingly. More rustling happened and Serena began to become scared. The rustling got louder and closer and louder and closer when finally a small, wild gnarl popped out. She breathed a sigh of relief and saw it hover and bounce along down the path. She continued down the dirt path when she soon approached a fork in the road. She stopped and glanced down each path. Both equally dark, she decided to pick the left path and started walking down it. Strange noises starting coming out of the trees all around her as she walked down the dark path. She looked all around but couldn't find the source of the sounds. She got more and more scared but continued walking telling herself she would be alright and not to be scared.
"Asmodeus, I think I see the girl." Deumos said looking over his shoulder at Asmodeus. Asmodeus glanced over and saw a small girl with long blue hair walking down the path.
"Hmm..." He said slowly.
"Can I call Melchom to go fetch her?"
"No, Deumos. Not yet, we are not certain it is her." Asmodeus said calmly, still watching Serena from above.
"But Asmodeus.. She has the same hair as her father. I'm almost certain it is her. She needs to be eliminated. Just like her father."
Asmodeus dragged a finger along the branch of the tree they were standing in. "That is true." He said calmly. "Such a shame, she is so young, so full of energy and life. Such a shame she needs to be killed. But her father was a nosy little bastard and his family needs to pay."
Asmodeus waved his hand towards Deumos and Deumos quickly climbed down the tree and walked up to Melchom.
"The girl is on the path. Go get her." Melchom nodded and made his way through the brush towards the path. Deumos made his way back up the tree to find Asmodeus leaning against the tree looking down.
"She'll be captured soon."
Asmodeus nodded in agreement and saw Molchom part out of the forest and snatch Serena. He heard her screams, which were quickly silenced by Molchom's hand. Asmodeus made his way down to the ground and was greeted by Molchom and the small little girl.
"Why hello Serena." He said smoothly. Tears ran down her small face and she wore a look of terror. "Molchom, please let her go." He put her down and she stood there so still, only her tears moving.
"How do you know my name?" She said in a small voice.
"I knew your father." Asmodeus said, as he began to pace slightly.
She gulped. "Why am I here?" She chocked out.
Asmodeus stopped pacing and looked at her. "Oh we just want to talk to you. You need not worry little one."
She had finally stopped crying and clutched a small pouch in her hand that was attached to a string around her neck.
"What is that?" Asmodeus said pointing to the small pouch. Serena stood silently, looking up at him. "Give me that." He said, reaching out and grabbing it. She held onto tigher in protest but he ripped it from her grasp easily and shook the contents into his hand. A small yellow stone fell into his palm. He examined it for a moment before dropping it back in the pouch and stuck it in the pocket of his coat.
Asmodeus turned around started walking away. "I'm done with her." He said calmly as he leaned up against the far tree. Molchom nodded and grabbed Serena roughly by the arm and started dragging her deeper in the forest. She kicked and screamed in protest, confused on what was happening to her. They soon disappeared and her screams were soon silenced for good.

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