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A letter from mars

September 11, 2011
By angelchild GOLD, Stockton, California
angelchild GOLD, Stockton, California
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January 29, 2037

Dear everyone living on Earth,
WARNING!!!! What you are about to hear has never been written down on paper. It has never been seen by anyone. You are lucky to even be reading this. This has never been released to the public. Keep all this in mind as you read. Reader discretion is advised. This letter is all true and nothing is made up.

Dear everyone else living on Earth,
I am quite glad you have kept reading so enjoy. Our experiments name is called the “Martian years”; it was kept a big secret for a long time because they didn’t want everyone to get their hopes up. As soon as I learned what I was going to do they put me under lock-down so I wouldn’t tell it to everyone. They kept me there for about a year or so until they needed me. It didn’t matter because I was given all that I wanted and more. Before I took off I was scanned for any electronics. I asked why they were doing it they said that they would fry the shuttles circuit boards. They then gave me a special phone for contacting them, if need be.

When I got there I met the Martians and was surprised that they knew my own tongue. They were very friendly to me and helped me get settled into my new house. They also helped me understand the names of plants and species. One of the animal species, the Eroy’s, looked just like a cat with 4 eyes. Another animal species they showed me was called Enoxia, pronounced ee-no-ze-a. It is the ideal house pet because they are nice, soft and also they make a great replacement computer because they can talk and they have just as much info as Google does.

Martians are very advanced in all things especially electronics. I asked them why they never visited Earth. They said that they had, except in human suits. I was surprised in that answer “How come you guys did that?” I asked. They answered “We love your movies”. I wanted to see their movie collection, I asked and they said that it was ok. They showed me their collection of movies and I think that they had every movie ever made!! I guess that I won’t be bored on Mars EVER!!! People of Earth I hope that one day you visit me on this beautiful planet that I am lucky to call home.


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