August 28, 2011
By brokenstone SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
brokenstone SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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“Hello? Anybody here?”
Tom looked up from the car door he was repairing and saw a strange man wearing robes holding an empty bottle outlined in the doorway. “Hello,” Tom said. “Can I help you?

“Yes please,” said the strange man. “Can you show me where King Arthur’s castle is?”
Tom was thoroughly confused. “King Arthur has been dead for several hundred years. His castle is probably no more as well,” he said.

“Oh dear,” said the strange man. “I must be in the wrong place.”

“Who,” Tom asked. “Are you?”

“My name is Merlin. I was doing an experiment in King Arthur’s castle when there was a sudden explosion, a white flash, and then I was standing in front of your humble abode,” Merlin replied. “It must have been that dratted Nimue’s work. She probably switched the toadstool powder with the trans-powder. Can you help me get back? I need to get back before Nimue does something terrible.” He looked so dejected and desperate that Tom had to incline. But how was he, a mere mechanic, going to help Merlin, the most powerful wizard in all time, get back to his proper time?

“I will help you get back,” Tom said.

“Thank you very much,” Merlin replied. “May I be inclined to ask for your name?”

“It’s Tom,” Tom replied.

“Thank you very much, Sir Tom,” Merlin said. “Now. We will need some metal and 2 griffen feathers. The rest I have already. Oh,” Merlin said as an afterthought. “We will also need a clear spot to cast the spell. Any questions?”

“Um,” Tom said. “What do we need this stuff for?”

“The transportation spell,” Merlin said, quite surprised. “Is your head in the clouds?”

“No, of course not,” said Tom. “But I won’t be able to get griffen feathers, you see.”

“Well why not?” Merlin asked. “The feathers are a key ingredient to the transportation spell. Without the feathers, we won’t be able to get to the right time.”

“Well…” Tom stammered. “There aren’t such things as a griffen feather in these times.”

“But, but, but that’s impossible!” Merlin stuttered. “There must be griffens in this time!”

“Not that I know of, “Tom said.

“Very well then. I will have to use a small transportation spell to get the feathers,” Merlin said. “Have you a small bottle?”
Tom produced a small soda bottle from out of the trash bin and Merlin took it and placed it on a small table. Tom looked on, but he didn’t understand what Merlin was doing, putting powders and liquids into the bottle while muttering enchantments. Then all of a sudden Merlin shouted, “By this enchantment and the power of the blue sea, fetch the feathers and bring them back to me!” and there was a sudden loud noise and a white mist enveloped the entire room. When the mist was gone, Tom could see 3 pearly white feathers inside the bottle. “Dratted trans-powder,” Merlin muttered. “Must have put in too much trans-powder. Here, take the extra one.” And Merlin gave Tom the 3rd feather. “Time to activate the spell. Now where’s that open place you had for me?” Tom brought Merlin to the middle of the auto shop.
“My thanks, Sir Tom,” Merlin replied. “And good fortune to you.” Merlin cast the spell and returned to his time, while Tom keeps the feather as a treasure, also finding out that by touching the feather, he knew what the problem was in a car and would be able to fix it fast. So Tom lived a good life ever since.

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