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August 22, 2011
By ramsox BRONZE, Morrisonville, New York
ramsox BRONZE, Morrisonville, New York
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Have you ever looked up into the night sky and pondered the stars? Have you attempted to fathom just how incredibly large the universe is? Our earth compared to the rest of the universe is like a needle in a haystack. Who knows what else is out there that we haven’t discovered yet. Could there possibly be intelligent life way out in the distance? If so, what kind of power do they have over us human beings? What we think to be reality could, in the end, be the exact opposite.

We could be some extra terrestrial video game, or puppet show without ever even knowing it. Far off in a different dimension, a different life form could walk into what resembles an arcade on earth and pay to play a game called: Human, Milky Way Galaxy Edition. In this selection he or she would combat the forces of good and evil in the every day life of a human. This intelligent species would do everything in its power to keep his or her human being’s grades in school high, their appetite under control, mood happy and more. Failing to do any of these tasks would result in an immediate “game over.” The funny thing is I, as a human being under this logic, am not typing this essay. The alien life form on the other side of the universe is doing everything in its power to get me a 100 so they can get the next high score.

What us earthlings think to be déjà vu could just be the aliens way of pressing some sort of restart button and replaying a certain event we know to be everyday life and they know to be a fictional storyline. All video games have one general guideline, to win. Many could spend hours doing the same task until they finally get it right and move on to the next level. What the intelligent life forms are trying to do is get us humans to a higher age in life, by pressing the restart button minimal times. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been somewhere multiple times, but you just can’t remember when, the alien controlling your every movement must have found that level in your life quite challenging.

One would think they control their own destiny, but this could not be father from the truth. Your life is in the hands of the gamer in who knows what part of the universe. Through a wormhole they can control your every move and you have no say in what happens. The extra terrestrial that controls you could make you jump off a cliff if they wanted. They would end up losing and have to start your life from the beginning again however. Your everyday life depends on the skill of the player. Every time the life form presses restart, it erases every memory of past terrible failures that have meant death and it returns them to the beginning of your life as an infant. Minor failures however only cause a point deduction in the alien’s score and don’t result in a loss of memory. What may seem like a lifetime to us probably only seems like a few hours of constant play to the intelligent life.

There is a fine line between what is real, and what is fictional. Us being human beings can never quite fathom just what goes on beyond our galaxy. We can wonder, and guess, but even with the best technology in the world, we probably may never know. This fine line is now at your discrepancy.


The author's comments:
The Significance of the title is my friend Brooke always had weird thoughts like this, and i am honoring her initials in the title!

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