The Fairy And The Rose

August 15, 2011
Once there was a rose clipped from the bush becuase of its beauty. Once placed in a clear glass vase in a windowsile the garderner forgot the rose and became sickly. The rose was alone, surronded by people but alone.

One day a farrie, dejected by by her love, stumbbled upon the sickly rose. She decieded to care for it; "Since you'are alone, and I am alone, together we wont be alone." She cared for the rose anf it grew into the most beautiful flower the farrie had ever seen. However, the rose's loneliness was replaced with sadness.. Sadness becuase the fairy was happy with only the rose and not another farrie. Soon, the rose became sickly again.

Sensing the rose's dispair the farrie asked the rose what was wrong. The rose explained its great sadness and the farrie became upset.
"NO!" the farrie shouted, "If you want me to live amoungst my own kind I shall turn myself into a rose, like you"
"But why? Why not leave me? Your sad and I know it! I can only be happy if you are happy and you arent!" replaied the rose.
The rose's words felt like a stab in the farrie's heart. Then the farrie smiled and said:
"Just as my love forgot me, the gardner forgot you. I shall not leave you becuase I love you. I may be sad but atleast I am no longer lonely

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