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August 14, 2011
By jira smith, Johns Creek, GA

On a hot, steamy, September day, six best friends were deciding what story they should tell their parents. Each of these 7th graders, three boys and three girls, came from incredibly different backgrounds and customs, yet, are the best of friends.
Jenna and Neal Brown are twins. Their mother id Indian while their father is White-American. The twins were often made fun of because of the odd mix of cultures that run through their blood.
Besides DNA, the two have very little in common. While Jenna is super shy and quiet, her brother is loud and likes to be noticed. Jenna is put down by the teasing but Neal feeds off it and emerges a popular, athletic boy.
Next there’s Christopher Lu. Chris is Chinese and loves to be out in nature. He enjoys taking walks, and on nice days, he, along with his dog Biscuit, takes books in the forest behind his house to read.
The next addition to the group of friends is Breona Nichols Breona is mixed with black and white, and her favorite things in the worlds are animals. Her dream for when she grows up is to open several shelters and charities for animals.
Dameon Walker is the fifth member of the group. Dameon is African American and very smart. He enjoys school very much and excels in it.
Lastly, there’s Melissa Sanchez from Latino origin. People often do as she says and she has very good persuasion skills. Because of that, she often gets what she wants in arguments.
So see, all these people from very different backgrounds became best friends. And at this very second, they were deciding whether they should tell their parents the whole truth, partial truth, or no truth at all. Because seconds before, they had woken up from the most traumatizing event of their young lives.
“You know Neal, if you payed attention in class you wouldn’t need my help with your home work,” said Dameon.
Everyone but the two chuckled as Neal replied “Yeah. Yeah. Now what’s the answer to number 4?” but before Dameon could answer, a ball of light came hurtling towards their alcove in the trees. As it engulfed them, everything faded to black.
Now that they were awake, it was decided that their parents didn’t need to know. It seemed that nothing was wrong with them. The only reassurance that it wasn’t a dream was that they all woke with a strange golden glow around them that soon dissipated. They took off in five different directions calling their goodbyes.

When Dameon got home, he immediately retreated to his room. Later at dinner, his parents and brother kept up steady chatter. Dameon didn’t contribute much to the conversation much, just listened.
“Derrick, I hope you finished all your homework,” said Dameon’s father. Then, as if in his mind, he said “who am I kidding, this is Derrick, not Dameon, of course he didn’t.”
When his brother answered, Dameon not only heard the “of course dad” but also the “keep on hopin’ pops.” though the later wasn’t spoken aloud. He called an emergency meeting for the next day.

After Dameon concluded his story, he asked for similar ones in return. Jenna said that the night before, she was brushing her teeth in the mirror and saw her whole body disappear before her eyes just to reappear minutes later. Chris accounted that while he and his brother were outside they got in a fight. Chris was mad and yelling when suddenly fierce winds erupted from behind he, he calmed down and they suddenly stopped.
More stories poured out of them until the group summarized the following: Dameon could read minds; Breona could shape shift; Jenna could turn invisible; Neal had super speed and strength; Christopher could control weather and Melissa could hypnotize.
Everyone decided that they wanted to learn more about their newly acquired powers and just how they got them. They began with the former.

In their deserted clearing was a sight to see. Shouts like these filled the air:
“Hey Bre, look! Not only can I turn invisible but I can make force fields and turn others invisible too.”
“Hey Neal, along with being able to read minds, I can move thing too! Look!”
“Melissa! I figured out how to control it now. Look, I can make it snow, rain whatever I want!”
After being there for hours, they finally feel their control over their powers were satisfactory, but the difficult part was yet to come.

“So we were all right here,” began Melissa.
“And the ball of light came from there,” Dameon finished pointing through the trees.
“The only thing that direction is that old abandoned factory.” Stated Chris.
“Well, then, that’s where we have go.” Announced Breona.

The group decided not to get so close. They sent Breona (as a hawk) to survey the building.
When she returned, everyone was told that there seemed to be a lab on the inside with scientists. A plan was soon formed to get in. Everyone would hold onto Jenna as she made them invisible and walk to the inside. That worked up until they got to the room full of scientist. Guards stood surrounding the entrance. They would know something was up if the door opened on its own. That’s where Melissa came in, she hypnotized them.
Invisible once again, they crept into the room. The scientists remained ignorant of their presence.
The 6 kids sat, trying to soak in as much information possible. Nothing jumped out at them. Just as they made to leave, Chris knocked a table over. All the scientist froze.
“Come out, we know you’re here,” yelled the scientist they determined was the leader. Jenna released their invisibility.
Dameon stepped forward and spoke. “You did this to us! Why?”
The leader spoke again, explaining how America was planning for a war and creating “super children” was the only way to even attempt to hold their own against their enemies.
“We created 25 of you. If the 6 of you would find the rest, you’d do your country a great honor.”
“Well it’s decided then. We’ll help you.”
His friends nodded their heads, not seeing the malicious glint in the scientists’ eyes.

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