The Angels-the series-book one

June 17, 2011
By Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
We all die, the end- i belive this quote clearly states life in the thinnist so if were to die and then thats they end of the story then i think we should fill it in like authors do in fiction writing
The final line of the chapter is the first line of the next chapter

Chapter 1

Viola fluttered into Andrew's room. Andrew's shower was going so he was to busy to notice her walking into and out of his room inconspicuously. She started to exit the messy room but her eye color was too busy filling in the whites of her eyes and making her whites and pupils full gray-blue. her legs stopped walking and her wings folded into her back. A picture filled her mind. A big purple Slathzar, a demon, was slithering as fast as its inhuman body could carry it. The demon slunk toward a running blond with a pair of full white wings just like Viola and the rest of the godomic angels. The blond tried to float away but her wings were bleeding, dripping a track of blood for the demon to follow behind her.

Their was a wight on viola's shoulder as she was lifted from the floor that she hadn't realized she fell upon. The picture continued as the blond ran past the very institute that Viola lived in. The girl screamed as the demon grabbed her leg in its slithering mouth and bit. Another minute of the picture and Viola was in the infirmary laying on her bed that was assigned to her when she had 'looks' into the future as she called them. The picture flashed into the institute to the front desk, Viola saw the clock in the 'look' it read five till five PM. The look ended and Viola pushed her self up onto her elbow.

Zambia, Andrew and Valentine were in the room waiting for Viola's look to end. Viola rubbed her eyes, they didn't go back to normal human or 'mundane' eyes as she called them fro awhile after a look. Viola brushed her fingers threw her blue/ black hair. Zambia with her red hair and eyes was deep in conversation with Andrew the 'Bum-tonic angel'
The nickname stood for his powers of speed and strength. Every angel had a nickname and powers. Valentine, Viola's older brother, unlike Viola he had searing pale skin and white eyes and hair, when you searched for his pupils you wouldn't find them they laid beneath the visible layers of his eyes, he looked over at her for a second then looked away not even seeing her.

Viola spread out her wings and lifted her self from the bed to the ground, her now bare feet skimmed the ground quietly. She searched the thoughts of the three, there was nothing more laying in their subconscious minds exempt the mindless babble of a Salamuvatine demon, a demon in which had cute looks but when it came right down to it you didn't want to go anywhere near this demon it would claw ever inch of you in a millisecond.

She headed toward the door to leave. 'Shring' a deep humming noise filled Viola's ears. She threw her arms up and her force field covered a thick circle around her. She curled in her wings and turned around. A weak Lazar shot from Zambia's eyes and she smiled at Viola. "You don't think your going anywhere with out telling us about what happened in your vision do you?"
"I hoped."She muttered back.
"Technically you don't even have to speak." Zambia held out her hand. -ANgels can connect with other angels to show things in their minds-

Viola pondered on weather or not to let the other angels on in her look but she decided other wise when she saw Valentine's watch turn to four-fifty PM. Viola ran from the room and down the hall to the weapon room. She pushed open the door and pulled a bow and arrow pack from one of the shelves, but it was stuck to the wall. "Identification code please." a robotic voice said and a scanner floated over her. A light blinked over her eyes. it stopped glowing and turned. "Your clear." The voice said and the device floated back to its hole in the wall. She pulled the weapons from the now free wall and ran out the door to the lobby. Valentine, Andrew and Zambia stared at her as she looked at the clock and sprinted out the front door of the institute.

It was five to five PM she ran out the door and set up the bow. She pointed it toward the end of the street where the girl and demon had come in to her look. Sure enough the girl came running down the street. Viola pulled back on the string of the bow and aimed at the Slathzar.

Nadia turned her head and screamed at the slimy monster chasing her. She jumped trying to fly, her newly formed wings were ripped and torn they barley twitched at her effort of trying to flap them. She had earned her wings slowly over the past year and had been covering them in a large leather jacket. Nadia thought her powers could help help her some how. She pulled a strand of blond hair from her purple-indigo eyes. Nadia searched harder in her brain, she was the 'clockwork angel' She could pass to and throw threw time, she could feel and change other peoples emotions and she could sense peoples power levels but none of that could help her now. if she traveled threw time again it wouldn't change anything she tried three times already. She ran toward the institute, she'd never been there before but she knew sooner or later she'd need training. Nadia ran for the door, a black haired girl with fully blue eyes was standing in the entry way aimed an arrow at her. No not at her she realized it was aimed at the demonic creature behind her. the girl she realized had wings. She was a godomic angel like herself.

Nadia screamed as the demon grabbed her leg and sucked her inside of it. Nadia's breath was cut off and her vision went black she floated around in as a mundane would say 'in the belly of the beast.'

Viola sighed and jumped into action. Andrew, Zambia, valentine, and Camille the only current godomic angels that lived at the institute ran outside with weapons, ready to fight. Viola jumped into the air her wings filling and flapping to hover over the back of the Slathzar. She rode on top of the creature. She pulled out a single arrow and stabbed the arrow into the demons Crux. The Crux is the point at which the demon dies when it is hit. When a demon dies it either burns, explodes, disappears or just falls over and shrinks to the size of a jelly belly. The slathzar squealed and threw the girl up out of its belly. Viola flew up off the demon as it shrunk down slowly. The girl, laid unconscious on the black asphalt of the street. As Viola looked over to the girl she realized another girl with pale pink hair laid on the ground next to the blond.

The demon flopped over and oozed liquid fro its body. Viola limped over to the girls and the demon rolled over with another yell. it crushed Viola's wing. She flapped and winced as she was freed from the demons weight. Her wing started healing instantly but it was in the wrong bone position.

The demon wasn't dead yet. Viola thought angrily. The demon realized it was going to go home to its old land but he wanted to hurt Viola more for killing him.He rolled and the girl, Viola jumped too late he crushed her walking sticks of legs and let her wail. He laughed his demonic laugh lazily in his slow mind and then he faded fro the mundane world, back to his well know demonic world ZAME-CAV.

"Great, now we have to carry the hurt and unconscious hot girls." Andrew smiled and floated over to pick up the pink haired girl. the three girls lifted suddenly. Andrew turned automatically to the 'flying angel' Camille. Camille had her hand raise outward. She used her levitating powers to lift the three girl and carry them to the infirmary, leaving the boys to clean up the oozy demon blood.

Chapter 2

Lana woke up in a white room like a hospital. She was so confused, she had no memory except her name and simple things like speech. Lana jumped up she blinked and saw a woman. Lana took a step back. The lady had fiery hair and eyes of red. "Your up." The woman said. "What is you name, dear?" Lana blinked and didn't answer but the lady didn't seem to mind she answered instead. "I'm Zambia, I run this place." The woman mumbled dusting a little wooden desk. Zambia looked to the door as a blond with blue streaks in her hair walked into the room with a Mexican who Lana thought was pretty cute.

Lana looked at the one blond with the blue streaks, the girl stretched out a pair of white wings that knocked over a bottle of water. Lana rubbed her back and felt a stub. She moved her back and wings like the blonds appeared but Lana didn't seem surprised. Lana sat back on one of the beds and rubbed her pink hair.

Viola's back arched. She screamed a girl was sitting on her infirmary bed she knew this because the girl was touching her. At the touch of that girls hand she could see the pink haired girls past, their was nothing there though. The pink girls mind carried no memories, her mind was blank except a name, Lana. Viola was scared by the girl, Lana's empty mind it was as if she was just plopped on the earth with a name some clothes on her skin with holes in the back for a pair of wings. She woke up. Viola swung up her force field to make the girl get off the bed. Lena fell to the floor and looked up at Viola with blank voidness eyes that carried a nothingness of recognition for anyone but her name. Lana's eyes were now full black. "I need Camille." She said to Zambia who swiftly rushed out of the room.

"Your scaring me." Viola jumped off her bed. "You touched me and all I know about you is that your empty a shell. Sit."Lana pulled her self off the floor and sat on Viola's bed. Viola looked at the boy and girl standing by the door. "You are?" The Mexican boy answered.
"Her for training, or at least she is." Viola blinked at him.
"I'm Kiri and this is Joel." The blue haired girl answered. Viola nodded and flapped her wings. She gasped and clawed the bed, her wing was all messed up still, it had healed in a creepy position.

Camille walked into the room with everyone except for Zambia. "Meeting." Viola called. Everyone piled in the room. Viola picked a plastic cup off her night stand and threw it at the only sleeping girl left in the room, Nadia. Nadia rolled over, "What?" She hissed.
"Meeting." Viola repeated and pulled a pen and paper out from the night stand. Everyone made a sort of circle of the Angels and the human Joel. She opened to a fresh page in the unused notebook and wrote her name. "We're going to get to know everyone because it seems we have accommodated some new recruits." Viola made some columns for items that were important to know. "You will say your name, power, godomic name if you have one, and then anything else you want to add. Agreed." everyone hastily nodded.

The author's comments:
Its an idea I got form reading The Immortal instraments, by Cassandra clare

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