Unwanted Change

June 3, 2011
Joanna was walking down the street when she seen this, guy running towards her screaming. It seemed to her like he was a crazy person because there was nothing chasing him. He stops in front of Joanna. With a shaking hand he says you and runs off again. She looks where he was going with a puzzled look on her face. “Me? What did I do?” she says before she shakes her head. She continues to her house thinking of how odd that man stopped and pointed at her. She was really puzzled about that. Joanna think she recognized him, but she’s not sure because he was too frightened to even think of if she recognized him or not. Joanna could tell that whatever was chasing him, he seemed to think it was connected to her. Joanna sees this big, black cat around her house. It looks at her then runs off with one glance back. She shakes her head to forget about the cat and goes inside. Joanna goes to her room, to her bathroom, runs hot bath water, and gets in the hot bath water.
Joanna had the music blaring while she was relaxing in the tube but she could faintly hear something or someone trying to get into her house. She turns down the music to hear it more clearly. It sounded like her pets wanted in. She gets up grabs a towel and wraps it around herself, then goes for the back door. But when she gets there she sees that it isn’t any of her animals but the wild black panther.
Joanna’s not scared because this has happened to her before, she opens the door, waits for the panther to come in, closes the door, and goes to get food and water for it. But when she gets back into the living room where she left it, in place of the panther there was a man.
“Where did you come from?” Joanna says stunned.
“You let me in.” He says casually.
“No I let the panther in not a man that I don’t know. I don’t let strangers into my house. So get out.” she says.
“Why? Why are you so surprised to see that the same black panther that you have been letting into your house and feeding for so long be so surprised that it is really a man?” He questions her.
“Fine since you are refusing to leave I might as well get you food that a human being will eat and not cat food. But before I leave the room what the h*ll is your name,” Joanna demands.
“Oh so I see how its gunna be, so your going to be nice at first but then your going to be a total *ss to me and my pack. Oh and didn’t you realize that it was me or me as a panther that was at your house when you got here but then left with 1 single glance back?” He says as he stands up and gets in her face.
“No I did not realize that but you don’t have to get into my face to tell me that so back the f*** up. And would you please tell me your name so I don’t have to say ‘Hey guy that changes into a panther’ or ‘hey panther guy’ or ‘hey dude’ or something along those lines.” Joanna says with a chuckle.
“Fine, I’ll tell you my name. I’m Stark what’s your name,” He said coldly.
“You don’t have to such a jerk about it. I’m Joanna. Nice to meet you Stark.”She says before she goes to the kitchen to get something for Stark to eat.
When she gets back to the living room Stark is gone. Under her breath she says, “God d*mn it,” then louder says, “Hey Stark I would really appreciate it if you would quite disappearing on me.” She sets the food on the coffee table and walks into her room.
But as she was about to go in Stark comes out and they almost run into each other. “Oh, hey didn’t see you there.” He says with a chuckle of his own.
“What the h*ll are you doing in my room. And you really need to stay in one room and form so I don’t get confused. Now while you eat I’ma going to get dressed since you interrupted my d*mn bath.” She says as she storms into her room to get dressed in casual cloths. But before she walks out of her room she goes into the bathroom and drains the tube and turn off the radio. Joanna puts on a plain black spaghetti shirt and black basketball shorts, yes that’s something you would see a basketball player wear but it was casual for her to wear it.
When Joanna gets out of her room Stark has already devoured the food that she made for him and was waiting for her to come out. And once he seen her, his eyes popped out of his head (not literally). “You look hot.” He says after he whistles at her.
Joanna rolls her eyes at him and sits in the love seat across the room from him. Then asks, “Why are you here? Why do you have to come and bother me when I haven’t had a good day at work and had a guy stop and point and say ‘you’ then him run off? I don’t need your s*** and that guy stopping in front of me and saying that didn’t help me any. I don’t need your s***.”
Stark just sits there looking at her trying to figure out what he was going to say to her. “I don’t get why you don’t have any guys around here when you look like that. D*mn you’re hot. But to why I’m here…” he says right before he got rudely interrupted.
Joanna was getting tired of hearing Stark talk on and on when she knew that he wanted her so in the middle of him talking she got up and kissed him. “I don’t get why you think you have to continue to talk when I know and see that you want me instead of talking.” She said against his lips.
“Yeah so but that don’t mean I’m gonna take what I want instead of stating why I’m here.” He says then pushes her off of him.

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