Deep Vacuum (chapter 1)

May 18, 2011
By Freechman BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
Freechman BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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The human sat in the round white egg chair. He was brown skinned with curly dark brown hair, though not a very good description considering just about everyone looked like him. Jivah, a grey skinned, bald lady starred at him with her large black shiny eyes. She was a very nice person and supposed to be one of the most beautiful in her species, though he, like most humans could not get themselves to see anyone from the Terrian nation as beautiful. Jivah sat at her desk, and then the timer started to count down to zero, she cleared her throat.
“We’re live.” The news camera man said to Jivah.
“It’s so nice to have you here today Mr. Adams” Jivah said to the man in the egg chair. The man smiled back and continued the conversation.
“It’s great to be here as well” he replied
“So tell me, I hear that after years of conflict, you finally began to officially start colonizing Seudara. Tell me about how the natives are reacting to this move?”
“Well they pose no actual threat, but we had to try and make sure they understood exactly what’s going on. It’s too much for races so primitive to comprehend, we can’t tell them we just came from the sky and now we own their land, heck they don’t even know what we are saying, they aren’t taking it very well, but once our cities start taking off on Seudara, we will show them civilization.” Adams said.
“This is humanities first time colonizing an inhabited planet. Lots of people, especially our own are very much against this, there are plenty of planets without evolved races to colonize.” She said, trying not to sound aggravated.
“This is very important to our race, we need to expand and this planet is very convenient for us, this is the most similar to earth we have found yet.”
“you don’t really need to expand, statistics show that compared to every other race, the Earth humans have 48% less population on each planet compared to everyone else… this pretty much means that you can have half the number of colonized planets and still live comfortably.” She stated. Adams began to sweat a little. “Not to mention that your greed is upsetting the balance of life on Seudara, us Terrians try to refrain from ever taking over planets with natives, especially ones so early on in development. Your very visits to the planet are scarring them for the rest of their existence, even if you decide to leave them alone forever, these native tribes on Seudara will never be the same!” Jivah was now not worried about her temper. Mr. Adams had nothing more to add, and the news cast cut to commercials.


The group of five human soldiers, lead by Sergeant Quincy, stormed through the deep woods. The men all were carrying automatic plasma rifles; they kept them in their sights because they had to be alert for anything suspicious.
“Where in God’s name is he?” Quincy snapped angrily. To make sure his orders could be heard clearly, he was the only one in the group who wasn’t wearing his airtight space combat helmet, his wrinkly shaved head was the only thing showing on his armor suited body that would make you believe that he was a human, and not a robot.
“He should have been back here hours ago, how long does it take to give that tribe a relocation notice?” one of the suited soldiers asked.
“It doesn’t take long at all!” Quincy snapped as if it was the soldiers fault. One of the soldiers stepped slightly out of formation into the woods, only to find himself quickly running back.

“SARGE, SARGE!” he shouted, you could tell the expression of fear on his face, even with his helmet. “look at this!” Quincy ran with the solider until he saw.

“Sweet Jesus!” he shouted. The whole squad gazed at the tree. The tree that had a man nailed to it, it was the man they were looking for, though the man was pale and cold, half of his body, except for his skeleton was dripping in a yellow bloody puss down the tree, he looked like he had been liquefied and his rib cage was showing. Next to him was a clipboard, also nailed to the tree. Quincy picked up the clipboard, it read: UEC Official Relocation Warrant. Quincy ordered his squad to get to the location double time.

The small primitive village had at least 40 natives from Seudara, the natives looked very much human, the same body shape, though more slender wastes. They’re skin was a kind of soft yellow-green color, that gave a soft red color illuminating from their skin in the right light. They had a full head of black hair, and they’re eyes were slightly larger than humans, and they’re pupils were long diamond shapes, like a cat. The UEC soldiers arrived and the villagers stopped everything. Quincy held up the clipboard for everyone to see. The tribe just starred at them.

“what did you do!?” Quincy yelled so loud, even his own soldiers feared what would happen next. The villagers just stared at each other, unsure of what Quincy was even saying. “We tried to be nice!” He shouted again… “We need this land; we weren’t going to harm you! We send someone to politely tell you that you have 3 days to get your things together before you get transferred to sector 5, and you do that to him!?” The villagers, still unsure of what he’s saying, begin to whisper to themselves in their language, one of the villagers stood up with up, ready with a dart, covered with the poison of the Prowler, a small animal that shoots quills covered with a heavy chemical that dissolves the flesh of the subject. The native man aims the dart and shoots it at one of the soldiers; it makes a slight ‘plink’ sound and ricochets off of his space armor. Quincy’s face gets even angrier, and some of the tribal’s begin to chuckle to themselves. Quincy was not amused “light em!” he shouts and the soldiers open fire their burning plasma at all of the villagers, burning holes clean through everyone. Quincy uses his flamethrower and burns everybody and everything in sight, their homes all in flames, fall to the ground and not a single person is left alive.

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