The Beginning of the End

May 17, 2011
By mili.raina BRONZE, Alpharetta, Georgia
mili.raina BRONZE, Alpharetta, Georgia
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After dozens of volcanoes erupt in a single day, the sky is blotted out by volcanic ash. With no sunlight, the earth begins to freeze.
“Did you hear that? Was that another one?” Dr. James whimpered.
“No… it’s fine. It’s geologically and incredibly unlikely for another volcano to erupt.” Dr. Lal responded, barely believing his own words.

Dr. Lal (a renowned brilliant Indian scientist) and Dr. James (Professor of Earth Science at Harvard) had been living together for the past 7 months studying global warming when a deadly series of volcanoes erupted.

“Lal, according to our computer model, this wasn’t supposed to happen for another 100,000 years. What if it’s time? What if we already destroyed mankind? What if?” James stammered. He clutched his pendant which his wife gave him a while ago.

“We’re going back to the Ice Age, Lal. Back to the Ice Age. Half the population will be wiped out. Oh my god, Lal. We must do something.” James looked around and started to get up.

“No, they’ll think we are fools. We do not have enough evidence to alert the authorites.” Lal calmly stated. But, inside, he felt more unrest than James.

“God damn it, Lal! Thousands have already died because of the eruptions. We don’t need more casualties. I’m leaving. Are you coming or staying?” James spouted. He looked at Lal and offered him an ultimatum.

“I’m coming, you fool. I won’t let you drive around without me in this weather. Let me gather my stuff. Get all our rations and meet me in the lair.” Lal sighed. James packed all the food which wouldn’t spoil and the vegetable lasagna from last night. Lal was a strict vegetarian, and not even an Armageddon would change that. James and Lal together typed in the secret lair’s code. Even an idiot would’ve known this was the last time they would ever walk into that beloved room.

Seven months ago Dr. Kennedy R. James had been fired from Harvard University and “deposited” to a rare government torture facility. The reason? James was studying the amount of nuclear weapons the US had been making and the effect on the environment. He uncovered a secret the imperialist government had been hiding from everyone- the government had destroyed the ozone above the arctic because that’s where all the uranium deposits were being thrown away. James was shocked and confronted the Department of Environmental Protection on this. At the facility they used all types of torture on him- Chinese water torture, electrocution, and whipping. But, he kept repeating the same thing.

“Global Warming. Ice Age. Armageddon.”

When they released James they made him promise he would never teach again or meet his family. James knew his family would be monitored 24 hours a day, and he loved them enough to do what was right. Then, James approached Dr. Rohit Lal. At the age of 32 Lal had discovered an energy efficient way to drive cars which didn’t expel any smoke. Lal at first was skeptical about what James had found out, but after one trip to James’ computer model, he moved in. Together James and Lal built the secret lair with a hidden keypad so if the government were to check on them, they wouldn’t find any of the valuable research. For the past 7 months Lal and James worked day and night and were on the brink of a discovery which would launch the Earth into chaos.

The room filled with tension as both James and Lal teared up and started picking up everything. Within an hour the room was clean and they walked out together knowing it was the start of a long journey.

“Where are we going? We can’t be too obvious.” Lal panicked.

“Hey, Lal, it’s okay. We’re going to the White House.” James smiled and looked ahead of the wheel with a determination even the most brilliant scientist in the world (Lal) couldn’t dispute. So, Lal just kicked back and sighed.

Six hours later Lal and James stopped at a restaurant for food. Just when they were starting to eat, a breaking news report came on CNN.

“A 95 foot wave has washed upon the shores of India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. We repeat, a 95 foot wave has washed upon the shores of India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. Help has been sent, but a mass number of people have been predicted to have been injured or died.” CNN showed a live feed of a city underneath water and you could even make out come people trying to swim.

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hey. Great work, though a little cliche. And the parentheses thing is something for speeches, or letters, but not for stories. You need to incorporate what you're trying to say without parentheses.


So I saw you're from Alpharetta, and I am too. If you don't mind, I was wondering where you go to school? I go to WBMs, heard of it?

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