The Tomb

May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I opened my eyes to find myself in a strange new land. This land had ivy covered walls with ancient carvings behind them. It’s totally covered in dust and mummies. What was this place, I wondered. Could this be the legendary tomb of Obama? I went to a raft floating in a small river in the temple. The boat would not move no matter how hard I paddled or pushed. I jumped out and tested the water to see if I could wade through it. It was only about three inches deep. I waded down the passage, and realized that the water was much deeper than before. It was already up to my shoulders. Something or someone, possibly a sorcerer, placed spells in this tomb to protect the dead man. This must have made intruders walk on continuously in a trance until they drown. The boat must have been cursed to never move, this would wear down the intruder to be too weak to break the trance.

I crawled out onto a nearby ledge. I stood up, and walked down a passage lit by twelve torches. I ended up in a room completely lit by at least fifteen torches. I tried grabbing one, it went out. I grabbed another, it went out also. I grabbed another and another and another, but every single one went out. Only one portion of the room was lit, the last torch. I grabbed it, and surprisingly it stayed lit. The ground shook and my torch went out, just my luck. I felt around in the dark for the exit, I realized it was no longer there. That is when I started to freak. I ran straight into an upraised part of the floor that was not there before. There was what felt like a torch holder, standing on top of the upraised floor. I scrambled around on the floor and found a torch. I placed it inside of the holder and it lit up. The ground started on fire, I danced around trying hard to be off the ground as much as possible.

The fire started climbing the walls; I thought for sure that I was screwed. But, for no reason whatsoever, the fire went out. The ground started to shake again; I became so nervous not knowing where I was going. The floor stopped moving and light shined in from an archway. I walked through the archway to find myself in a room with six statues of warriors that were at least eleven feet tall. The door at the end of the room was locked. I knocked on the door and no answer came… except for metal clanging together behind me. I dreaded turning around, but curiosity took over. As I turned around the six statues had drawn their swords and stared at me through the sightless holes in the helmets.

They began to speak in ghostly voices, “To pass you must recite the question that has puzzled man for all time!” I believed I knew the answer, but I pondered it anyway. After what I thought was five minutes I spoke the riddle, “How do women think?” The statues walked back to their positions and said “you may pass.” The chains around the door fell to the floor with a loud clang. I opened the old creaky door and walked in.

There in the center of the room as a golden sarcophagus. I tiptoed to it and read the old English text, “Here lies the great President of the United States G or e u h.” I wondered who the heck Goreuh was. But I still opened the sarcophagus. The first thing I saw made me leave so fast that the Flash couldn’t even catch me. I was gone in seconds. Inside the sarcophagus was… George W. Bush!

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wisebear2 said...
on May. 30 2011 at 11:50 am
Awesome story! It was intersting and it made me laugh:)

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