"Pretty Unicorns"

May 6, 2011
By ams47 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
ams47 BRONZE, Webster City, Iowa
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A crazy guy breaks out of jail after yelling the word “unicorn” and pointing out of the window. Then seconds later he’s gone and missing. Where could he be? Out the window he jumped out with glee, on to the grass running around crazily. Running and running as if he is chasing something, but what….a unicorn. As he ran after the unicorn he ran into a parked car, a pine tree, and tripped over a rock. Later he ran across the street chasing the unicorn and almost got smoked by a car. While he was sprinting across the street he somehow ended up on top of a Minivan. He was acting like he was surfing after the unicorn. The van suddenly stopped moving. Then the crazed man flew off of the car landing on the front window. So then the lady driving screamed at the top of her lungs, and called the police. Once she called them she jumped out of the van and ran away screaming. The police came when the crazy guy was having a tea party on top of the lady’s van with the unicorn. They hand cuffed the man and said “This is the last straw. You are going to an insane asylum.” Then they took him away. Once he arrived at the insane asylum, they gave him a stuffed unicorn. He was then ok and was at peace.

Then the next morning the people at the insane asylum found that the crazy man that liked unicorns had died in his sleep. They took the body away thinking he was dead; so they took the body to the morgue where all the dead bodies go. So then the morgue guy takes the body off their hands and then they leave. Little as the insane asylum people know is that the guy isn’t actually dead, because a person at the insane asylum that gave him that unicorn is really an old friend of his named Alexander. Alexander is trying to get him out of there, so he can finally go home to his family. In order to do so Alexander put an elixir and or drug hidden in the stuffed unicorn. The drug was then used to make him fall asleep as if he was actually dead. At the morgue he also has a friend there too. That friend then waited until the insane asylum people are gone. He then switches the crazy guys body with a fake person’s body. Then he injects the crazy man with a drug to awaken him from his sleep. He then awakens and is slow to get up, because he has to relearn how to use his body. As his morgue friend named John, helps him with everything he may needs. So then the man whose name is James (crazy guy), almost falls when he went to stand, but his friend John then catches him in time before he falls to the ground. But then earlier when the insane asylum guys left to call James’s family to tell them that James, the crazy unicorn guy, had died in his sleep last night. After they told the family they were then sad and crying on the telephone. The truth is there actually acting, because they know that James is actually alive and well. It was all part of James’s plan and plus the morgue guy, John, called the family right after he got the call that the insane asylum guys were going to drop off a man’s body and said “his name is James Andrew Smith.” James has now finally gotten the feeling back in his body, and is walking around the morgue. He then eats a big lunch with John. Afterwards, he had to change the style of his hair and clothes, so that no one would recognize him. He then hides out for a couple of hours. John gets a call to bring the body to get a casket fitting. So he gets everything ready and takes the fake body, and James disguised as another person, with him. James is now acting as if he is John’s assistant. So James helps John take the body to its fitting. So now they’re in the building. The family is now waiting inside to pick which casket they want. They then picked one and bought it.
The next day was the funeral and while they are there John takes James to his family’s house. He sneaks in the back door. But before that, John and James contacted a friend named Mike and they changed James’s name to Fred Jack Luke. So Fred is now safe and sound at his family’s home waiting for his family to come back home from his fake funeral. They came home and saw him sitting there. A big smile appeared on their faces as the family runs and hugs him. He then tells his family what all had happened and why he had gotten arrested. He said he got arrested and put in jail because he had been framed for dropping a TV out of a fourth floor window. That had almost hit a police officer on the sidewalk walking the streets, but the truth is he was on the fourth floor looking only off of the balcony. But he also wasn’t from the same room as where the TV had come from. It had also happened so fast that he himself didn’t even see what had actually happen. So the police arrested him for no reason at all. But the family didn’t even care what had happened. All they cared about is that he was home safely and alright. Then they lived happy and safely forever after and no one until this day had heard his story of what had really happened to James Andrew Smith.
~The End~

The author's comments:
Its an odd long story and a bit funny.

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ams47 said...
on Aug. 7 2011 at 10:19 pm

thanks i am glade you found, and liked it too.


royboy said...
on Jun. 27 2011 at 10:43 pm
We found it!  Thanks for letting us know.  You were right, it is a "crazy" story!  Congrats for getting it on teenage.com.

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