The Vampire, the Monster

May 3, 2011
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They said he killed the girl. They said he killed her father, her mother, her sister. I didn’t believe them. Michael loved Patty. He babysat her since she was born. He wouldn’t do that. I loved my brother. I knew him. He was a good guy. He was on the run they said. He was wanted. He was dangerous. He was doomed. I didn’t believe that. Michael wouldn’t hurt a soul.
A girl at school, a nasty girl named Nancy, said something about it. I didn’t take it well at all. I hit her in the face. I walked out the front doors of the school and didn’t look back. I walked and walked.
Now the rain was falling and I was in some dark alley. I heard them coming. They were drunk. They started coming closer to me. I realized I wasn’t scared. I didn’t care. I heard their obscene comments but I kept walking. They started running towards me.
I had a knife; my brother had taught me to always carry a weapon. I didn’t need it though. Out of the shadows came my savior. He was in his pajama bottoms and nothing else. He stood right in front of me and I wondered where he’d come from. I stepped back recognizing the 3 moles that rested on his shoulders in front of me. “Michael,” I whispered my brother’s name.
He turned, his eyes shut but a smile on his lips. He turned back to the men. I turned away, hearing the screams. When I turned back, Michael sat feasting on the now dead men. He looked at me, wiping his face. He had turned into something else. He was a monster, he was a vampire. I didn’t know what he was. He wasn’t my brother. How could this happen to my brother? How could he turn into this THING? I wanted my caring, loving brother back. I didn’t recognize the man in front of me. I suddenly realized, he didn’t recognize me. I gasped and started to run. He was faster than me though and he was in front of me. “Michael it’s me, it’s your sister, remember?” I said panicked.
He didn’t. There was no use to my words. He stared at me with hungry eyes and leapt. He bit into my neck and I stabbed him through the heart. His grip on my neck slackened and I pushed his now limp body away from me. I stared at my now dead brother. I stepped back gripping my belly in my utter misery. Blood was dripping from my neck slightly. It was nothing more than a paper cut though. I held onto my brother.
I called our parents and they came. Marie and Jeff held their son for the last time. They carried their son home. They dug a grave in the forest under a weeping willow. I refused to go there with them. I stayed in the kitchen and drank warm milk waiting. I found that tears wouldn’t fall for me. I gripped the mug so hard it shattered. Marie and Jeff came in. We all prayed silently. It didn’t work. I needed something and I didn’t know what. I just needed that one thing that would fix it all. It was a desperate need.
I went upstairs. I went into my room and gasped. Sitting on the balcony, was a beautiful angel. I ran to it, thinking it was my brother. He turned and I stopped. It wasn’t Michael. He was a handsome angel, brown curly hair and a firm face, gentle face. “I am James; your brother was my human to guard.” He said jumping off the ledge.
I nodded and went back into my room. No one could understand my feelings better than the angel who stood by him from birth to death. My brother was not a monster. The angel smiled gently. “He was a slave to circumstance as ever human is,” He said and I slept with hope for my brothers soul. I finally had what I needed so desperately.

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