a demon's past

April 27, 2011
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Hello again. I am Hunger Everfeast, and I think its about time you learned my past. Unless you haven't read my other stories... or, is it stories? I don't remember. Just read the others first.

If you've made it this far, you have hopefully listened to my other tales. When we started out on those, I was already the monster I am now. But I wasn't always like this. I was normal once, though, it wasn't really normal. As a schoolboy, I lived with my masters. My parents died in an earthquake when I was really young. My masters were good friends of my parents, and they were very rich. But they weren't about to spoil me. No, they gave me a job as a servant. They were very nice though. They always gave me lots of delicious food (not leftovers, for those who were wondering.), and they were very kind to me. But one day, they were murdered while I was at school, and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't call the police, because I would have been sent to an orphanage. And I was always told that they were terrible, terrible places to live (just so you know, this was England about a hundred or so years ago). So I did what my masters told me to do when they were dead. I didn't tell anyone and buried them in the backyard with the tombstones and coffins they had already made. They were really very kind, trusting me to take care of their bodies like that.

I had finished all the food that was i n the cabinet, when I heard a noise coming from the door in the hallway that was next to my room. I was told to never go in there, because they had something very dangerous in there, something that could kill them if it escaped. I noticed that the lock was broken, and the door had some large holes in it. They had also told me that if it escaped, It would return to that room, but they never told me what it was. I had to go in, to avenge my masters.

I entered the room and was grabbed by something. I could only see a pair of round red eyes glowing, and a smiling mouth full of sharp teeth. But it sounded just like the masters, it practically hypnotized me to stay with it. This strange enemy would become a friend about a hundred years later. Every day after school, I went home and went to that room. The creature starved me, and tortured me, but I still had the will to live, and to bring my masters back.

Eventually, the torture began to overwhelm me. I was always told that I was just like them. I could heal faster than any man, and could grow back any lost limbs. I had no idea that I was being made into a "full form" through this torture. I began to sing a little chant I invented, which got me even stranger looks at school. "Death is sweeter than this pain, but torture lets me live." I would sing this a lot, and people began to try to help me. "Who are your parents?" they would repeatedly ask me. And i would always answer: "My masters are gone, but Ill bring them back." Eventually, my body began changing, along with my mind. I began to only think about eating, and I even nearly bit the arm off one of my teachers (luckily, the taste of blood kind of woke me up, because I thought it came from me) once. My teeth were becoming like needles, and I even attacked the Keeper ( that was whatever was keeping me was named). I received a strong shock however.I eventually became who I am now: Hunger Everfeast, or, as I was called as a new one: the starving child.

the end.

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