Igor's Struggle

May 1, 2011
By bayleyjudge BRONZE, Long Lake, Minnesota
bayleyjudge BRONZE, Long Lake, Minnesota
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Bayley Judge
September 15, 2010
Igor’s Struggle

“I love you!” exclaimed Winona, as she leaned in for a kiss.
“This is all too perfect,” said Igor, as he was finally going to kiss his true love Winona. But suddenly, the Evil Sorcerer jumped out, snatched Winona, and then vanished! She had been kidnapped! Igor’s world was in shock and he didn’t know what to do. He was finally with his love and then his chance was ruined. He vowed that he would save Winona at all costs no matter what.

Igor Flyman is a half dragon-half boy who resides in Washington D.C. He works as a secret agent for the CIA. He has been on many dangerous missions before, such as stopping the muffin man from creating a muffin army and finding how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, and he is considered very brave. They have been tracking the Evil Sorcerer but have never found a trace of him until now. He and his evil minions have been working on a plot to take over the world and just put in into effect by kidnapping Winona. They needed Winona because the Evil Sorcerer needed a queen and she was whom the Sorcerer had chosen. Winona was a very beautiful girl and was the envy of all of the guys at her school, including Igor. Little did Igor know, she liked him as much as he liked her.

“We have been waiting months to stop the Sorcerer, and now we finally have the intel we need to try and locate his lair and put an end to his evil plot.” Said Timothy Brewster, the Head of the CIA, to the secret agent members who were on the mission.
“We only have one shot, and this is going to be the most dangerous mission you men have ever been on. We have only one chance to stop him, and I need a man who is brave and has courage to do the job. Do I have any volunteers?”
“I will!” screamed Igor, desperate to avenge what they did to Winona before it was too late. “Very well, I know you are fit for the job and will complete it with tenacity and effort. Plus, we can use your magical powers and ability of flight to our greatest advantage. Move to the gadget room so you can get your briefing.” The only gadget Igor received was a laser pointer that shot silly string. As soon as Igor stepped out of the CIA headquarters he heard a clunk and immediately passed out.
Igor awakes to find himself in a dimly lit room filled with an obstacle course and a see through mirror at the end. He has no idea what happened and is in a lot of pain. Suddenly, a TV turns on.
“Hello Igor,” said the TV, “I want to play a game.” Suddenly, a light turns on by the see through mirror and Igor sees that Winona is inside and the room she is in is slowly filling up with water! “You have not respected your life, and now you are going to have to pay,” said the TV. “I am going to see if you are willing to risk your life to save your girl.” Suddenly a light turned on revealing what was inside the obstacle course! “To the left of you is an obstacle course filled with three obstacles.” At the end of the course there is a key that unlocks the door that Winona is in.” “You have 30 minutes before her room fills up with water and she drowns.” “In 45 minutes, the door that is locked behind you will be opened, and you can escape freely, but Winona will die.” “You make the choice.” “The first obstacle is.” “The key is directly under her chair, and you will have to retrieve it and unlock the door to the next obstacle without disturbing her or else she will release her wrath and you will have no chance of surviving.” “The second obstacle is a pit in the ground filled shards of broken glass” “The key is located somewhere in the pit of glass, it will be sort of like finding a needle in a haystack Muahahaha.” “The third and final obstacle is a room with no floor and a tunnel to the other side made completely of barbed wire” “The key is located at the end of the tunnel.” “I have already broken your wings so you can not fly across the gap.” “Let the games begin.”
Igor’s whole world was in shock. He didn’t know what to think, do, or say. He started screaming for help, but quickly realized that that wouldn’t work. He was terrified, but he vowed to himself that he would save Winona at all cost, so they could get married and start a family. “I can do this.” Igor said to himself. He didn’t care if he died as long as Winona survived. Suddenly a speaker came on revealing to him Winona’s cries for help. He could hear the water filling up in her room, which reminded him that he had to move fast. So he enetered the first obstacle. He would have to think hard to get past Mrs Paulson. Igor had her as a teacher in school and she was tough. He though of an idea. He blew fire at the corner, which distracted Ms. Paulson. While she was distracted, he grabbed the key and opened the door to the second obstacle right before she let out her wrath. He had escaped the first obstacle unharmed.

He entered the second obstacle. He had no idea how he was going to beat this obstacle. He realized he didn’t have much time, so he jumped into the pit of glass without thinking. Immeadiatly he felt sharp pains everywhere, and cried out, but he was determined to save Winona. He was glad that he had scales, because it lessened the amount of cuts he was getting. He saw his blood running down his arms. He finally realized the height of the situation he was in and tears started rolling down his eyes. The pain was overwhelming. He started frantically shoving glass out of the pit looking for the key and at long last he found it! He was so relieved, but was also hurt. He may have made it out of the first obstacle unscathed, but wasn’t so lucky with the second one. He opened the door to the third and final obstacle.

He saw what he had to do, and realized that is was nearly impossible. He had to crawl across the barbed wire, and there was no way he could avoid being cut by it. He fell on the ground and started screaming out “Why, why are you doing this?” He wanted to just lay there forever, but he realized that he had already come this far, and he couldn’t turn back now. He gathered up all his strength and leaped into the barbed wire tunnel. The pain was absolutely unbearable. He saw red streaks coming from every side of his body, and could no longer feel his lower body. He started making his way through the tunnel, and with every inch the pain grew. He was leaving a trail of blood behind him. You could no longer see his skin, he was bleeding so much that the blood covered it. He was about ¾ of the way there when he thought for sure that he was going to die of blood loss. “I can’t do this anymore,” he thought. “This is too hard.” He stared going slower and slower until he stopped, and layed his head onto the barbed wire. “The pain is just to much,” he screamed. “I tried my hardest!” He yelled as he passed out.

He was suddenly awoken by Winona’s final cry for help. There was only a minute left before she would drown. Igor suddenly realized what he had to do, and crawled across the last of the barbed wire with tenacity and effort. Adrenilin was pumping through him now, and he could now block out some of the pain. He used his tail to help push him forward, which helped a lot. He was determined to save her. At last he got to the key! He took the key, and crawled as quickly as he could to the door. He could no longer walk, the pain was to intense. The blood started flowing out of him and onto the key, and he realized he didn’t have much time before he passed out again, or worse. He reached up, put the key in the hole, and opened the door. The rest was a blur.

He woke up in a hospital bed weary and tired. He couldn’t move any of his body. He looked around in the room and saw his family and the doctor, but that’s not who he was looking for. He looked to the right, and there she was! Winona was there! “You have been in a coma for 2 days,” said Winona.

“I’m just glad your alive!” exclaimed Igor. e know realized that the obstacle course had caused him to get both legs amputated. “I owe my life to you, and know that I will never be able to repay you, but I am going to try. “That is why I have to ask you this queston.” She said. “Will you marry me?” “I love you with all my heart, and want you to be my husband.”

“Of course!” Igor shouted, he was suddenly full of energy. Even though he had gotten his limbs removed, this had been the happiest day of Igor’s life. Igor started to feel happy about his dragon attributes because he realized that they had saved his life.

He only had one thing left to do now.

Igor was flying to Egypt to the GIJOE headquarters where the Evil Sorcerers lair was located. He had to get revenge on the Sorcerer for what he had done to Winona. He saw the headquarters and nosedived in. “I’ve been expecting you,” said the Sorcerer.
“You’re a sick man, and I going to stop you from doing any more sick things,” said Igor.
“Let’s have a duel,” said the Sorcerer.
“Or a spelling bee duel,” said Igor,
“Agreed.” Said the Sorcerer. “The rules aare we each have to spell three different words”
“Ok. Game on!” Shouted Igor. Then, a spelling bee judge appeared from the shadows. “Sorcerer, you’re first,” the judge said. “The first word is nitrophenylenediamine, and the definition is a red dye.
“Oh that’s easy,” said the Sorcerer. “Nitrophenylenediamine.”
“Igor, your word is hippopotomonstrosesquippediliophobia, and it means the fear of long words.”
“Easy,” shouted Igor. “Hippopotomonstrosesquippediliophobia”
“Correct.” Said the judge. “Sorcerer, your word is cat, and it means a feline that is house trained”
“C, A, T,” the Sorcerer said with uncertainty in his voice.
“Correct.” Said the judge. “Igor, your word is sat, and it means to sit down.”
“S, A, T,” replied Igor.
“That is right,” said the judge. “Sorcerer, the final word is Winona.”
“Umm,” the Sorcerer said. “W,I,N,O,W,”
“BEEEEP!” a buzzer blared.
“Incorrect,” said the judge. “Igor your turn.”
“W,I,N,O,N,A,” Igor said with confidence.
“CORRECT!” shouted the Sorcerer. Igor had done it! He had defeated the Sorcrer.

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