The Forest of Ikkin

April 11, 2011
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Nikki Gleason is your typical teenager. Boy-struck, enjoying her new found freedoms from her parents, and dreading school everyday. There was only 2 things that made it all worthwhile: her best friend Sarah Thurston, and their English teacher Mr. Martin. October 30th started as a completely normal day for Nikki. That is, until she visited Mr. Martin to find that he and Sarah were in a heated debate. Nikki hung back for a minute to try and deduce what was happening.

“It’s once in a lifetime! We have to take a risk!” she heard her best friend’s voice exclaim.

“Listen to me Sarah! Someone could die! No one knows what is out in Ikkin Forest, and we have no way of defending ourselves! I can’t risk it. No matter how much money it would get us.” the gruffer voice of Mr. Martin was heard in the hall where Nikki was standing.

She stepped into view of the others and said, “What do you mean? Death? Money? What is gong on?” They were all silent for a while. Nikki’s glance slid from Sarah to Mr. Martin, and then back again. Finally Mr. Martin spoke:

“Good morning Nikki. Since you’re here, you might as well take a seat, and I’ll explain.” He told her about Ikkin Forest in Pennsylvania where it is rumored that the only unicorn alive lives. He explained that every year on Halloween, the unicorn is most susceptible to being captured.

“So what was that about money?” Nikki questioned Mr. Martin after he had finished his story.

“Well since unicorns are so sought after, there is a $1 million reward to anyone who can capture it.” Sarah spoke up for the first time since Nikki had walked in.

“I still don’t understand what is so dangerous about this though. It doesn’t seem that bad.” The reward had peaked Nikki’s curiosity. She could do a lot with a million dollars.

“Every year, at least one person goes into Ikkin Forest looking for the unicorn, and they never come back out. No body knows what happened to them, and no one is willing to risk their life to find out.” It was Mr. Martin who answered this time. She could sense that he wanted to go just as badly as she and Sarah did, but he wouldn’t admit it.

“Well I’m with Mr. Martin on this one. It’s just way too risky for us to go. But if we were to go, what would we have to do to find this unicorn?” Sarah looked at Nikki as if she was going to argue, but she silenced her with a look. Nikki knew what she was doing.

“I suppose you would have to be very quiet. Unicorns are easily spooked, and so if you make too much noise you’ll scare them. Also, they hate being out in the open. Try and stick to the trees. I’m sure they’ll be there.” Mr. Martin explained to them with a different sound to his voice than normal. Nikki knew he was lying to them, but she couldn’t understand why he would.

“Well what other things live in this forest?” Nikki had a few tricks up her sleeve, and she figured it was best to be prepared.

“Oh nothing out of the ordinary. Just your typical deer and squirrels I suppose.” Nikki could tell he was lying to them again. She was confused. He was their friend, so why was he lying to them?

“Thanks Mr. Martin. You’re right, it’s crazy to go looking for something if it’s as risky as this is. Even though the reward is really great.” As Nikki said this she could see Sarah glaring at her. She ignored this, and pulled her friend toward the door. “I guess that’s all, see you later Mr. Martin.” As soon as they were out of the door, she heard Mr. Martin mumble something under his breath. She didn’t hear what he said, but she figured it wasn’t good. When they got to the end of the hall, Sarah started to go off on her. Nikki silenced her by covering her mouth. “Mr. Martin was lying to us about something, and I don’t know why.” After she said this, Sarah stopped squirming under her hand. Nikki slowly pulled it away, wary of another outburst.

“Go on,” was all that Sarah said as Nikki began explaining.

“When he was telling us where the unicorn would be, and what other animals were in the forest he was holding something back. I have a feeling there’s something bigger going on here. We’re going to Ikkin Forest, and we’re going to find that unicorn. Are you with me?” Nikki waited for a response that didn’t come for a moment. Soon, Sarah began grinning, and answered her.

“Oh, I’m with you.”

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