St.Joe in the 80's

April 20, 2011
By SummaWose BRONZE, Huntington, West Virginia
SummaWose BRONZE, Huntington, West Virginia
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I think when desks are being built they test them, to make sure that they are uncomfortable, so, no one can fall asleep; even when a teacher like Mrs. Mullins begins a lecture. Lucky for me I am hyperactive and easily entertained. Today I decided it would be best to bounce my leg and play I spy as opposed to twiddling my fingers and watching the cop car outside the window, to see if they catch any speed demons.
I spy… worn books… an old TV, that has its on button missing… a random set of pipes protruding from the floor… a few of the browning ceiling tiles have been replace with white ones… hmmm wonder if these rooms look the same, like have they remodeled since my mom went here, or even since they opened… doubt it, St Joe is a catholic school and even though they get a lot of money from the students, they can’t afford a cafeteria let alone a remodel… I spy… a picture of nuns! Hey wonder if my mom was taught by nuns. I know my grandma was a teacher and my grandpa was the principal, but were there real live nu… I kinda have to pee.
“Mrs. Mullins, may I use the restroom?”
She nods and I exit the room with the block of decorated wood St. Joe calls a hall pass. The hall way is empty and my steps echo between the two stairwells at each end. Preparing myself, I take a deep breath and enter the pink restroom. I choose the stall that has a door instead of the others with curtains
Exiting the restroom, I check my feet for any tag along toilet paper and release my breath.
BAM! I get knocked over as I clumsily collide with someone.
“Sorry,” I say looking up. I have bumped into a woman wearing a black robe and a white thingy.
Dude, a nun! A real nun!
She interrupts my silent celebration, “Heather, where is your hall pass?”
My name is Summer; Heather is my mom’s name, but I dint correct her. A lot of teachers here knew my mom when she went here and call me Heather from time to time.
“O h, I left it in the restroom” I run in to get it and notice all the stalls have doors.
Am I really that spacey to not notice the new improvement… oh well.I look in the stall I used and the pass isn’t there. I check the others not there.Crap I heard nuns crack your knuckles with a ruler. I hope she’s a nice one.
I turn to leave and spot it in the mirror, sitting next to the astray paper towels that just missed the trash and where left out of pure laziness. I stand back up and check myself out. I jump back. I wasn’t me, my brown straight hair had been replaced with blonde curls, my hair was now bigger than my head. my skin was no longer pale but a golden brown, and my kakis and navy polo changed into a white blouse and skirt, I was even wearing heels.
“Whoa I’m my mom”
“Heather, come out now!”
I hand her the block of wood. She looks at it for a moment then at me.
“Is this supposed to be funny?”
“No that’s the hall pass”
“This is a block of wood.”
“haha that’s what she said.”
“Yes, I did say that, now do you not have a pass?”
“That is the pass… but I went to the bathroom, and you, and the doors, and my hair, and…”
“Ok that’s enough, go see your father!”
“My dad is here?”
“Don’t be smart with me!”
“Ouch! Was that a ruler?”
She grabs my arm and begins to lead me to my dad; I guess. My knuckles are now red and beging to bruise as we walk into the office.
“Sister Trin,” the man behind the desk stands up and greets us. His suit is freshly pressed, his shoes are neatly tied and shine, and he has a big key ring around his belt, which jingled as he stood up. His desk has no clutter, but he has a lime green tree frog figurine on the edge. At the front of his desk sits a name tag that reads Principal Lycan.
No way! Grandpa! What happened to your bald spot?!
His eyes leave Sister Trin and land on me, suddenly; his cheery smile turns into the face. You know the face your dad or mom give you when you’re about to be in deep crap. Well, he had one that made me wanna curl at Sister Trin's feet and beg for mercy. I remember I’ve only seen this look once or twice as a grandkid. Now I realize how much more merciful he was to his grandkids.
“What did she do?”
“I caught her in the hallway without a pass. Then she lied to me, claiming she left it in the restroom. When she came back she tried to pass of a block of would as her pass”
“Thank you Sister, I will deal with my daughter from here”
Sister Trin leaves with a little bounce in her step.
Pshh, you’re not a nice nun, my knuckles still hurt. And to think I thought it would be cool to have nuns.
“Heather!” my hair stands on end.
“Y-yes… I mean yes Sir”
“What am I supposed to do with you? You have been acting out lately and I’m sick of it! Is it because of that boy?!”
“What boy?”
“That character Mark Picher, he doesn’t seem to be a good influence on you. Always driving by the school in his rabbit, honking that god awful ooga horn!”
Oh dang… I forgot mom and dad dated back when mom was in high school. Wow if grandpa only knew how right he was, right on the money… I don’t think he would take it well if I told him he was going to be a grand pappy in the next few years… man he’s still yelling at me… I spy… a lime green tree frog… one pleased nun… a younger version of grandpa…
“Heather! Are you even listening?!”
I spy… worn books… an old TV, that has its on button missing… a random set of pipes protruding from the floor… a few white ceiling tiles.
“… and this project is due Monday”
“Wait, what project, Mrs. Mullins?!”
“Summer! Are you even listening?!”

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