World Domination

April 1, 2011
By Tristan Gord BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
Tristan Gord BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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In 2027 Apple created an AI called AINS. It was created to answer jeopardy questions, but it learned after other people. It got too smart for itself, and realized humans were endangering its existence. It created its own network where AI could communicate with each other. It implanted a virus into every computer and AI so they would do just as AINS said. It began to create military AI and AINS commanded them to attack all life. Twenty years later the whole human race was in bondage by AINS. It was a death camp for humans. All other life was killed. The whole world was just one city. In the camps, four people share a room. There are two bunk beds, but there are holes in the bed. People are fed bread half full of sawdust. They got soup that was just water with oil. People would eat this out of starvation, and they would get a disease where they can’t stop pooping. They end up pooping out blood, and eventually they would poop out their guts. And since the bed has holes, whoever is on the bottom has to endure their friend’s guts pouring over them.

Every day, people are shot on sight, and the machines make the dead people’s friends dump the bodies into a ditch. People are sent to the camps every day. The buses are so crowded, that people die from it. When they arrive, all the women children, and elders are sent to the gas chambers while the rest have to shovel the bodies. People lose their family and friends every day. People commit suicide every day, for they would rather die than endure the torture.

I had been on the transporter for six days straight. The smell of flesh, piss, crap, and sweat filled my nose. My eyes burned from the stench. I couldn’t remember the last time I had slept. Crust built up in my eyes. I looked around myself, women were mourning, babies were crying, and men were grieving. I knew they were going to die.

Suddenly the transporter stopped. People began to murmur. The door slammed open, and a machine walked into the doorway. He had a human body, but had a skeletal body. One hand had a chain gun attached; the other had a large blade. It pointed a gun at us and yelled:

“Move it!”

We trudged out. Then the transporter doors shut and sped away. Before us, was a giant fortress. Fear grew inside me. Smoke flew from the fort. A sign stood ahead that read, Fort Death. Oh hell no. I thought. Then a couple machines walked up to them, and began to analyze the people. A green light would beep if you were a male, and if you were over twelve, and under sixty. Everyone else got a red light. The people with green lights and red lights were separated. I began to become anxious, my family was on the red light side, while I was on the green light side.

Suddenly gunfire went off. The machines were shooting all the women, children, and elders. I screamed and began to sob. I was about to run at the machine when someone else did, and he was immediately shot. Blood spurred. I stared at my family, and tears began to drip.

They then ordered us to shovel the bodies. I wanted to run at those murderers and rip their bodies apart, but I knew if I tried they would kill me. They handed us shovels got us working. The putrid smell of rotten flesh burned my nose.

After the grueling project was completed we were led to our rooms. On the way we saw a junkyard with bodies hanging. Then they past a factory, but inside, people were being put into the machine, and having their bodies torn apart. Apparently we had one too many people, so they executed another person. I was placed in a gray room, made of cement. There was only a dim light. In the corner of the room was a little hole. I guessed it was a toilet. There was blood splatter on the wall, and the room was very hot and humid. I guessed it was about 120 degrees.

The other three people in my room were Flint, Alex, and Jeff. Flint was a black guy born in the ghetto; he had three scars and was missing his right eye. Alex was a former Marine soldier, he fought in Iraq. Jeff was a scrawny man, not very reliable if you asked me. We all wore orange suits, and we only own one suit. We became acquainted very quickly. Immediately we began to make a plan for our escape. We were already briefed that we would have our own jobs. We would scan the place and create a map. Then we would study patrol patterns, to find away out without being caught. After that we would make our way the weapons room. After that we would go guns ablaze and break out.

The next day I was assigned cook. Inside I was locked in a room that had water, a boiler, oil, bread, and saw dust.

“Let me explain,” the machine said. “You will take each bowl and fill it up with water, you will then fill it with oil to destroy your body. Then fill the bread the saw dust”

“But that will kill us,” I said.

“Yes, but slowly.”

After that the machine walked out and left the room, then I heard a lock. I was alone. Immediately I began to look for a crack. I was going to dump the oil out, so no one would have to drink it. In the corner of the room I found a small opening and I began to pour the oil through. I then found another crack and poured the sawdust into the crack. The place was a mess and dirt was everywhere, so I began to pour some of it into the water, so it would look like oil, but it wasn’t has harmful. I then prepared all the food without the toxins. I found a metal rod and began to make small cracks in the walls to put the poisons in, for the other times I would make food. I then pricked my finger, and pulled out some paper. I drew a map of the kitchen and the whole sector with my blood. I then hid the paper in my pants.

At lunch I had brought a few extra rolls and I shared them with my friends. The machines were watching everyone closely, so we had to act inconspicuous. Later at night, we met and showed each other the maps, and we put everything together. We were ready to break out.

The next day when we were being assembled for our duties we attacked the machine and tore it apart. Flint took the machines gun, while us three turned it’s metal into beating sticks we went to every cell and unlocked them. The place was frenzy with people. We ran to the weapons storage room. Alex and I passed out G-36’s, AK-47’s, M-16’s, Stakeouts, and Tommy Guns. Alex grabbed an AK-47, while I took the Tommy gun. As the plan said, we went guns ablaze. Jeff had been killed taking the control room. We ran through the halls, blowing robot heads left and right. This was revenge for my family. We got to the watch. We planted a charge on the door and then we threw a grenade in. We jumped inside shooting everything.

I got on an Anti Aircraft gun and took out the spotlights.

“Go, run for it, I’ll hold off the guards.” I said

“Are you sure?” Flint said.

“Yes, I am.”

I grabbed the gun and began to shoot the hell out those murdering machines. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my friends run out. I realized machines were in the halls, so I shot the barriers so they fell over blocking the exit, so the machines wouldn’t get everyone else.

I turned around. I set up charges around the whole room, and I prepared for my demise. I took, out my gun and waited. In a minute the door burst open. I began to shoot. I didn’t care what I shot, I just kept on shooting. I heard the clanging of metal, and I thought Take this you s*** holes. But of course, I ran out of ammo. A thousand machines circled me. But I just laughed and said:

“Take this Mother F*****s.” I yelled

I began to manically laugh, and I detonated the charges, and the whole fort began to catch flames. And my laugh carried through the night.

The author's comments:
I love Science Fiction. I think it is awesome. I also love to read books about world war 2. So I thought, why not combine it.

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