Magical Experience

April 16, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s 5:30 PM and I’m checking the mail, and there’s one envelope that catches my eye. It’s covered with paint splotches of different colors. It was addressed to me, so I ran it back to my room and laid it on my bed to open later.
After dinner I resorted back to my room and ripped open the colorful envelope. As I throw the remains of the shredded envelope, I realize that there was no return address, and I started to worry a little bit. I flipped the plain white card open to a blank note. I flip it open and shut, open and shut, for minutes to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I even held it up to the light and couldn’t see anything! Giving up, I tossed it across the room and it landed next to the envelope. Then something crazy happened. The paint from the envelope withdrew from it and landed on the empty card beside it. I stared in amazement as the paint formed words on the paper to look like this:
“You’re invited to
Camellic and Maggie’s
World Wide Magic Show”
OK, so now I got just a little bit freaked out. The words tore apart, and formed other words:
“When: April 25th 2011
Where: Six Leagues Under
Bring: Your friends”
I was officially scared, and again the words floated around the page to make this:
“RSVP by April 1st
NO is not an option.”
That’s so freaky!! I thought, and called my friend to see if she wanted to go. “Sure,” she said with enthusiasm. “Let’s go!”
April 25th came fast. I woke up to my alarm clock and got dressed and ready for the magic show. I called Edna, my friend, to see if she was ready. “Yeah, come pick me up,” she answered. “Oh, don’t you think that it’s kind of early though? I mean, Six Leagues doesn’t even open until six PM and its nine AM now…”
I thought for a moment, then answered “oh yeah! Then let’s just go to the mall and see a movie or something and then go to the show.” We agreed to that then hung up.
It was six and Edna and I arrived at the five block long line to get into Six Leagues Under. “There’s always a really long line here!” I complained with my feet hurting already. After hours of waiting, they finally let us slip in one by one… whoever “they” were anyway.
It was extremely dark in the place, but they had lighting on the floor so you could see what you were squirming around in. “What IS this stuff?!” I exclaimed, jumping from place to place to try and avoid getting stuff on my shoes.
“Just our secret ingredient to a great show,” said a man behind me.
“AHH!” I screamed, “Oh my goodness you scared me!” I said.
“I’m supposed to,” he said. He looked really young, 15 at least, and he was dressed in all black with a flowing cape thing behind him. “It’s my job,” he smirked and disappeared right in front of my eyes.
I stared at the place he stood just a moment ago in amazement, speechless. Announcements came over an invisible loud speaker “TEN MINUTES TILL SHOW!” said a cherry voice, “FIND A GOOD SEAT!” Edna and I sauntered through the goop on the floor to our front row seats. “I really shouldn’t have worn these flats…” Edna said staring at the yucky multicolored mush on her feet.
“YUCK! You are so washing your feet before you get inside a civil house!” I exclaimed in disgust. “ONE MINUTE TO SHOW!” said the voice again. Everyone got to their seats and quietly waited for the show to start.
“Hello,” a big booming voice exclaimed. The stage lit up with mysterious purple and blue lighting and fog crept in from the stage corners, making it harder to see two black, hooded figures rising from the bottom of the stage. “Welcome to Camellic and Maggie’s World Wide Magic Show!” The two figures that stood back to back turned to the crowd, arms cross and threatening. One of them reached up and took his hood off revealing the familiar face that had scared me just a little bit ago. “I’m Camellic,” he said. “And this is Maggie,” he said gesturing to the hooded figure beside him. She took her hood off and revealed her pale white face with fading scars and silky black hair. “She will assist me with my amazing magical talent tonight. You’re in for a wonderful show tonight, so thank you for coming and...” he vanished, mid sentence, right before our eyes. Everyone looked around wondering where he could have gone. “Have a great time,” he said as he reappeared in front of my face, making me jump and scream a little bit. Camellic laughed and went on to the first act. He babbled about how amazing his talent was, and how only few could really understand the magic of it all. I thought he was just boasting, but it WAS pretty spectacular and everyone in the audience was ooh-ing and ah-ing by the end of just the first act!
By the final act, everyone was completely blown out of their minds, and while leaving I was raving about it! “That was so amazing,” I began to say as me and Edna exited out of the side doors. “He just...” I got cut off as a figure appeared in front of me.
“Did you like it,” the person asked as I looked up and noticed Camellic.
“Yes! I loved it!” I started, but he cut me off again.
“Good,” he smiled and vanished into the crisp night air around us.

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