The Frog and the Monkey

April 7, 2011
Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a Monkey and a Frog, and they were best of friends. They always stuck by each other’s side, but one lazy, dark night, Frog dreamed of the best thing ever. He dreamed of having a wonderful party for one of his friends at their house. Then one beautiful day, Monkey got really mad a Frog because Frog always dreamed and made excellent ideas.

“Frog, you are such a stupid idiot!”

“Why?” Frog questioned a little scared.

“Because you are always dreaming about stuff and it is so stupid. It doesn’t even get you anywhere.”

“Yes it does,” said Frog very fusteratedly.

“Okay, Then where did it get you?” exclaimed Monkey.

“It got me to believe in myself when I do things,” said Frog. From then on, Monkey always dreamed and believed in whatever he did. THE END!!!!!!!

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