April 6, 2011
By Samtheman BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Samtheman BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Many decades ago during medieval times there were two intelligent beings on Earth, the human race and the demons. These two races were different but yet similar in more ways than they thought. They both had ears, eyes, arms, legs; the only difference was that the demons had horns and sometimes a tail. In this world lived a young demon boy named Oni. He had pale white skin, and bright red-yellow eyes that shined brightly like a sun set, Also a small red horn growing out of his forehead and long red tail. He lived with his father named Loki, in a small wooden cabin, with no windows, and just a piece of cloth on the door. It was very empty inside the cabin; except for the hay that they slept on there was nothing else. Loki looked very similar to Oni except his horn and tail was a bit longer. Loki wasn’t just a normal demon; he was the general of the demon army. Demons never wanted to fight, however the humans fear the demons because they were different and physically stronger than humans. On the other hand the demons weren’t violent; they just want to live in peace.

One day Loki demanded to have an audience with the human king in order to obtain peace between the races. He packed up some food and was ready to go. He walked out of his cabin and called over his son, Oni.

“Oni, come here” Loki yelled facing the woods.

After a few seconds of waiting, the bushes started to shake and Oni jumped out of it, and quickly ran to his father.

“I was playing in the woods father”, Oni said with a big smile.

Loki puts his hand on to Oni’s head as if he was petting him and gets on one knee. They were there face to face.

“Son, I am going to go meet the king”, Loki said smiling.

“But, why? Those humans hate us! They might hurt you”, Oni asked.

“I am going to try to reason with the king, as the general it is my responsibility to stop this violence. I want to stop the hate”, Loki said with a deep convincing voice.

“I don’t want you to go!”, Oni quickly replied

“It will take a few weeks to get to the king’s village but don’t worry I’ll be back I promise”, said Loki as he stood back up.

Loki smiled at Oni and walked into the forest. Oni kept watching his father until he was no longer visible. Oni was left alone, No one to watch over him. After playing around in the forest for a few hours, he got hungry and ran home calling his fathers name, but quickly remembered that Loki was gone. Oni knew that he had to survive so he started hunting and surviving on his own. One month passed quickly, As Oni was hunting for food he caught a faint smell of blood and quickly hid into a nearby bush. Quietly he hid there searching for the source of the smell and noticed a large figure moving toward the house. Even though he was afraid the young Oni ran at the figure and tried to attack, that is when he noticed the large figure was his father Loki.

“Father!”, Oni yelled as he grabbed on to his father.

“I promised you that I would be back”, Loki said as he covered the wound on his leg hoping that Oni wouldn’t notice.

“You’re hurt! I knew I smelled blood from you”, Oni said looking at the dried blood on his father’s leg.

“Don’t worry son it’s not a big problem, it will heal”, Loki said trying not to worry Oni.

Oni put his father over his shoulder and lifted him off the ground. Loki was amazed of how much stronger Oni got in just one month of having to live alone. Oni carried him all the way to the house and treated his wound. The next morning Oni started asking his father about the results of meeting the king.

“Father, how was your meeting with the king?” Oni asked.

Loki paused for a moment gaining all the thoughts in his head.

“Well I got to see the king, but it didn’t go so well”, Loki replied sadly.

“What do you mean, father?” Oni asked with a confused expression.

“The king said that, we are evil monsters that will one day destroy us. He fears us
because he doesn’t understand us”, Loki replied.

“But then how did you get injured?” Oni asked

Loki sat there silent staring at his wound for a while. Oni watched him and became worried. After a few minutes of silent Loki decided to continue.

“Er, well…..After the king called me a monster he shot a powerful cursed spell on me, I moved out of the way but it still managed to hit my leg. If that spell hit me I probably wouldn’t be standing here right now” Loki replied as he put his hand on the wound.

After a week Loki’s leg healed and both of them continued on with their normal lives. Oni started to train with his father in order to join the army. As time went on Loki started to get weaker and in pain. Four years have passed, Loki no longer has the strength to fight, and can barely move. Oni became a strong warrior.

After training, Oni comes home with food like he always does. He cooks it over a fire he made with wood and brings it to his father.

“Father, I have brought you food”, Oni says putting the food next to his hay bed.

“Son, you have become a strong warrior, I’m proud of that”, Loki says.

“Well, Of course! You trained me!” Oni says with pride.

“I hope you can protect our people when I’m gone”, Loki says.

“What are you talking about father? Once your sickness goes away you will be able to protect our people again!” Oni shouts.

“Listen son, this isn’t a sickness, it’s more of a curse. The day I went to the king’s
castle, he used a cursed spell on me, it was meant to instantly curse and kill me”, Loki says.

“What are you talking about?” Oni asked.

“Just because the spell only scratched me doesn’t mean that the curse didn’t work. It was only delayed”, Loki replied.

“No, no, no! We can get a doctor or something! They will fix you!” Oni yells as tears started to fall down his cheeks.

“No, doctors won’t work, I already tried. If only the humans weren’t afraid of us and understood us, no, if only they tried to understand many of our people wouldn’t be dying. Listen son, I think its time; I can no longer feel my body. The curse has already spread. B-bye Son”, Loki says as his eyes close shut and his body starts to ignite in cursed black flames.

“Father, NO!” Oni yells.

He grabs buckets of water and spills it on his burning father but the flames weren’t affected. He tries desperately to put out the cursed flames but it wouldn’t. He sat next to the remains of his father’s body screaming in shock the entire day. Before he knew it, three days passed and he just sat there, without food, water, or sleep. Oni once again had to live alone but this time Loki wasn’t coming back. Three more years passed and the king finally declared war on the demons. Oni joined in this fight as the new general of the demon army and was determined to stop the war. The war went on for seven days. Oni killed many humans, and for every human that he killed a tear went down his cheeks. On the eight day he saw the king on his horse surrounded by skilled wizards. He ran at the king pushing all the humans out of the way.

“King, stop this war! This war is just wasting lives!” Oni yells as he runs closer at the king”

The king turns around as he hears Oni yelling at him
“No this war is to save our people from you monsters!” The king says as he signals to his wizards to attack.

The wizards around the king pointed their large staff at Oni. They all started to chant a spell in whisper and suddenly black flames are shot, hitting Oni right in the chest. Oni drops to the floor as his body begins to be swallowed in black flames. Oni desperately starts to crawl toward the king, his vision being blurred by the cursed black flames. As he crawls, he sees the king on his horse smiling at his burning body.

“No King, we aren’t the monsters...... YOU ARE!” Oni yells with all his remaining strength before his entire body turns to ash.

After Oni’s death the war only lasted for one more day. In that final day the entire demon race was wiped out and even after their extinction no one understood what they wanted.

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