Terrifying Tourists

March 28, 2011
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I rushed to my bedroom closet for my gas mask. The alien invasion had begun and horrible gasses were pouring out of their air vessels. Large squid like creatures, with huge eyes, came slithering out of an oval shaped opening from one of the vessels. One of them was coming towards my front door. I have been preparing for this kind of event for four years now, ever since I was just an eight year old boy. My parents didn’t believe me when I found that alien communication device in the woods behind Grandpa’s house with the digital and laser map of the earth. They said I was just using my overactive imagination to steal attention away from my new baby brother. They are going to wish they had believed me now. I put on my airtight suit shaped like a black blob of tar and went down stairs to the basement door. I opened it hastily and tromped down the creaking stairs. I decided that hiding under the stairs in the darkness would be the best place to hide since I could see them coming before they could see me running away. An eerie light poured in through the basement door and loud thumps descending down the stairs sent clouds of dust into the air. I could smell this horrible stench, like rotting fish guts, seeping into my mask. A yellow mist was sublimating off of the body of the alien I had seen outside when I was upstairs. It was huge, about eight feet tall with tentacles as big around as a car tire. Its grimy purple, green, orange and yellow spotted skin had raised lumps every where and bits of it were falling away to the floor. The eyes were the size of my head and had tiny silver circles in the pupils like mini camera lenses. Suddenly its head split apart right between the eyes and black goo oozed out in strings and snapped apart, revealing a small frog like creature inside, what appeared to be the mouth of the alien. A turquoise slime dribbled out of large pores behind the each of the alien’s eyes and fell to the ground making a large horse like grunt. I closed my eyes; I couldn’t bear to look any longer. I heard a tiny squeaky noise and felt something crawling up my leg. I didn’t dare move. I opened my eyes and saw the frog alien attached to the front of my mask. Its skin was a pale blue that slightly glowed and was shiny from a thick layer of goop that seemed to be leaking out of its skin. It had jet black eyes except for two yellow slits in both. It had a scarlet stripe running down the side of its head that led to each limb. I screamed and started flailing my arms around psychotically. It held on with amazing grip for such a slimy thing. I could see flagella in its suction cup fingers attached to the mask. The alien opened its mouth and a bright flash of green light filled the room. My body froze, I couldn’t move! Then it spoke to me with a sing song voice, “Calm down earth child, I won’t hurt you. My name is Sachakolby. We foreign beings are here on an academy…uhm what you would call, field trip? We have been planning this for years. Surely you could give us a tour of your town. We know we can trust you with such a fun responsibility young Sir.”

I gulped and shaking said, “You aren’t here to take over our planet?” It laughed.

“Why of course not, your culture is most interesting to us!”
“Oh, okay” I said, “I think I can help you.” Then we went up the stairs, with the large squid alien following, and out to my front yard, where hundreds of over excited frog aliens were waiting to jump on me and give me hugs of gratitude.

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LilStinka said...
Apr. 7, 2011 at 10:33 am
ahahahha love the ending lol
lyssa28 replied...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 7:48 pm
love the end! its super intense at the begining
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