a story by Hunger, chapter 1

March 23, 2011
By , seattle, WA
Hello... my name is Hunger, and i am going to tell you a story about me. "I had a master once. he was a sweet, kind master. But he wouldn't let Hunger eat. Hunger was never allowed to eat who he wanted to. He made poor, poor Hunger very sad... and very, very likely to betray and eat poor Hunger's master. So Hunger did. he was even kinder and sweeter in poor Hunger's stomach. But I was still hungry..."

You've heard of the 9 11 incident, right. Of course you have. well there's more to that story. "Hunger was looking for a kinder master, when he happened to board a plane. it was later bombed, but the captain could still steer. hunger realized that if he couldn't, there would be more deaths. And more deaths means more meat. And more meat means more food. So poor, hungry Hunger ripped that captains guts out, and ate him. There were many more survivors, but hunger ate them to. That was when Hunger found his new master..."

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